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Oct 28, 2013 08:08 AM

Return visit

Well, I vowed to not return to Minneapolis until the Vikings got their act together....oh well, there is much more to this great city than a horrid football team. This visit will take place the weekend of 12/15 (arrive around noon on Saturday and leave early on Monday). I will be travelling with my 24 year old son and just made dinner reservations at Bar La Grassa for Saturday and 112 Eatery for Sunday as I have been to both and really enjoyed them. So, that leaves lunch on Saturday and maybe some post game needs on Sunday (not much in the way of culinary treats at the soon to be imploded Metrodome....). We are staying at the Marriott Depot Hotel (highly recommend) so something close (walking distance) would be great, especially something new. In past visits we have enjoyed visits to Piccolo, Travail, Alma, and drinks at Sea Change. Maybe a Juicy Lucy is in order? Thanks in advance and Skol Vikings! (well at least in theory...).

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      Second on Zen Box Izakaya. Great food, drinks. fun atmosphere and very close to your hotel.

      Also fairly close is Haute Dish, which serves an excellent brunch on the weekends.


    2. well what are you going to do? check out the restaurants in Green Bay?..

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        yeah that would be a short visit! Thanks for the info so far, Minneapolis is a truly great city!

      2. Staying at the Marriott Depot Hotel....I would recommend walking across the Mississippi to Kramarchuk's - it's cafeteria style but the food is outstanding. I always used to love eating the Hunter's Stew at Nye's for lunch if you're into a heavier meal on a cold day.

        In that same area, Whitey's always had good burgers if you're looking for more of a post-game meal than polish food. I haven't eaten there in ten years though