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Oct 28, 2013 08:05 AM

Acabar - Where is the love?

No reviews, no comments, not a single mention of it on CH. What gives? I'm thinking of going in a few weeks.

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  1. I went a few weeks ago and was utterly appalled by the pretentiousness. Dishes are tiny portions and very overpriced. Also, they will charge you $5 per person for 'flat' water--that is, tap water they filter themselves--so make sure you specificy plain tap if you want to avoid this ridiculousness.

    On a positive note, the decor is impressive (pretty much unchanged since the Marakkesh days). The steamed buns, cauliflower duo, lamb meatballs, chicken satay, and porn bread were tasty and the cocktails are really interesting as well. Salads are not worth getting.

    I definitely think its better to come here for drinks and a few dishes to share as a happy hour type thing rather than a full meal.

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      "porn bread"? Is this place 21 and over?

    2. Thank you. Very helpful. The place looks stunning. Their Sunday meal looks interesting and is what we were considering. May have to rethink our plan.

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        Greg - do some yelping - mostly very mixed reviews.
        Not sure how much the décor has changed since the Maghreb days, and their website does not even MENTION a wine list, or corkage, or....
        Hopefully, other posters will chime in on these things near and dear to some of us!

      2. The decor is breathtaking, just really beautiful…
        The plates are small. Very small. We ordered the punch bowl for the table. It's exactly what you think it is. A large bowl of very strong punch. I think it was $125. Observations such as "It tastes like TheraFlu!" and "It's leaving a baby aspirin taste in my mouth" were made. We sent it back, since no one really liked it. I believe we all had two small plates and two cocktails each. I had the beets and goat cheese. I think it had about four beets the circumference and thickness of a peice of pepperoni. There might have been an avocado in there, but it was sliced so paper thin that I'm not really sure. The goat cheese was a small wipe on the plate. I also had the caramelized cauliflower duo. Salty. Almost inedibly so. And I love salt. We all paid the same amount, since we all basically had the same thing. $60 including tax/tip each. Actually more than that, considering that we went to Cat and Fiddle afterwards for more cocktails, and each ordered more food there, since our stomachs were just teased at Acabar. Not sure I would ever go there again for diner, but the ambiance was go gorgeous I would absolutely have a drink at the bar. Oh, and the service was wonderful-we were all slightly in love with our server by the end of the evening. Still though…$240…ouch.

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          The Pikey is not far away, with a modest food menu, great cocktails, and 3 very different rooms for you to enjoy.
          Definitely a place to consider when in the area.

        2. Food I had was GREAT.
          Spicy Prawns, Lamb Buns, Cauliflower, Country Crouton.
          Yes it is pricey. Great space.