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Oct 28, 2013 07:23 AM

NYC Classics Tour - 2 Questions

So, for my 50th, I'm taking my wife and 12yo son to NYC (from Washington DC). Trying to do places I remember my Dad taking me, and places that might still be around for my son to take his son. All reservationns confirmed. See below.

I have two questions. Can anyone recommend a place in Chinatown? Probably large, bustling, old school Cantonese that would be open on Tgving Day? Also, need a place for Weds lunch on Arthur Ave. Prefer old school, white table cloth, red sauce, veal piccata type place.

Sun Lunch: PJ Clark's
Sun Dinner: Babbo

Mon Lunch: CG Oyster Bar
Mon Dinner: Four Seasons Pool Room

Tues Lunch: Katz's Deli
Tues Dinner: La Grenouille

Weds Lunch: Arthur Avenue (Bronx)
Weds Dinner: Le Bernadin

Thurs Lunch (Tgiving): Chinatown
Thurs Dinner: 21 Club Bar Room

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  1. Cafe Hong Kong is new but considered by many to be the best Cantonese in Chinatown.

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    1. re: peter j

      It was good and tasty but not large or bustling.
      I also liked Big wong...which may be what OP is looking for.

    2. It's not Cantonese, but if you're into dim sum, look at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Open since 1920, and now being run by one of the nephews of a previous owner.

      For Arthur Ave, you need to post on the Outer Boroughs board.

      1. I wouldn't leave Arthur Avenue without sharing some distinctive appetizers, namely the "burek" at BOTH Giovanni's (across from the Retail Market) and Tony & Tina's (corner of East 189th Street).

        Giovanni's: Spinach and/or cheese burek.
        T&T: Pumpkin, cheese or spinach.

        There's a nicely-curated craft beer selection at the Bronx Ale House inside the Market for a quick Happy Hour break.

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        1. re: Mike R.

          I'd call ahead before going on a burek run at Giovanni's. They have a part-time "burek guy" who comes in maybe once a day. If he hasn't been in recently, no bureks. Took me two visits to score one. They're good, though.

        2. Back in the day when the family had a special occasion like a graduation we'd all, seven of us, head to Radio City Music Hall for a show and then to Tad's Steak House. The steak "dinner" was cheap, maybe $2.99. That's all my letter carrier dad could afford but it was an amazing and memorable day and dinner. I am glad to see there are some Tad's Steak Houses still around.
          Pappy, thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

          1. I know that you said Cantonese, but if your son has never experienced a big, bustling dim sum place, then I would recommend Jing Fong on Elizabeth St. I have taken my out-of-town relatives there for many years and they love it. My nieces even tried the chicken feet (without knowing what they were at first). You would probably be seated at a table with 6 or 7 other people, which can be fun (you can ignore them or exchange information).

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            1. re: GaryUES

              Thanks Gary. That's a great idea. Probably get to taste more things too.