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Oct 28, 2013 06:29 AM

Bab al Yemen closed?

One of the best meals I had during the last year was in Bay Ridge, at Bab al Yemen. Now I hear that it's closed. Does anyone know the story? This place was a Yemeni food paradise...

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  1. What! I just called their phone, it was disconnected, and their website's out of order, no longer a presence at

    Bab al Yemen is a Bay Ridge sacrament, practically. Before I moved to BR people wouldn't stop telling me about how life changing it is... they were right...those humus with lamb, the pitas, jeeesus it's perfect here.

    I wonder why they closed.

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      This closing opens a big gap in NY, for me. I'm not surprised others had such strong reactions to Bab al Yemen too. I am surprised at how quietly it seems to have disappeared.

    2. Closed awhile ago. The food was good but it was probably the most uncomfortable meal I ever had. He knows how to cook but not how to run a place.

      1. Try Yemenite Cafe on 5th Ave, for a delicious Yemenite meal with homemade pita right out of the oven