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Oct 28, 2013 06:20 AM

Tasty Tofu Recipes.

My 11 year old daughter has taken a recent liking to Tofu. While I enjoy tofu at a number of Asian Restaurants, I find too many of the recipes out there, especially in vegetarian cookbooks, to be bland and aggressively healthy.

Any suggestions on tasty recipes, no need for them to be vegan or even vegetarian. Want to cut back on our meat consumption not eliminate it.

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  1. Cube it, bread it, fry or bake.

    I like to slice it, dump on bbq sauce and bake till they get a little chewy.

    Make mock egg salad. Tons of recipes out there andcso yummy on crackers etc,

      1. I tend to press, cube and breifly marinade before frying (a little soy sauce and hot sauce to eliminate the bland factor), then dress with satay-style sauces made with almond butter or blitzed cashews. I'm also partial to tofu in thai curry sauces (prefer red curry or a thick dry red panang over green or yellow), using tofu in noodles (pad thai), which you can combine with meat or seafood, ma po tofu, which is made with ground pork as well.

        My tofu preparation tends to fall into the "has nutritional value" rather than the "low cal, low fat" definition of healthy. Enjoy!

        1. Agedashi tofu - crispy silken tofu with soy dashi
          Mapo tofu - spicy Sichuan braised tofu
          Taho - silken tofu pudding with brown sugar syrup and sago pearls
          Vietnamese tofu chips - thinly sliced, fried firm tofu pockets with nuoc mam and herbs
          Saag tofu - saag paneer with tofu substituted
          Linguafood's magical microwave tofu has also been a favorite for years:

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              Agedashi tofu and Mapo tofu are two of my favourite tofu dishes, and they fit into the "non-healthy" category too!

              I looked up linguafood's microwave tofu and realize I like to do a similar version too, with anything on hand, usually including bonito flakes and dashi (from powder).

              Also to the OP: if you and your dd feel ready to be more adventurous, I recommend you consider trying the Taiwanese (I believe) style of preparation, that involves the black and pungent thousand-year preserved eggs:

              (picture but no recipe)

              You basically cut up the eggs and tofu, arrange on plate and drizzle with soy sauce or some version of the sauce in linguafood's recipe, and garnish with scallion, parsley and the like. My dd and I fight over that.

              I am getting really hungry now ;-)

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                One of our local Chinese restaurants does the preserved egg and tofu dish, I love it not sure how my daughter will take to it. Also our local Chinese Markets does have the preserved eggs.

            2. Not a recipe but...

              I learned from a nice Vietnamese lady to always boil my tofu first. Just put the whole square, or cut to fit the pan, in boiling water for 15 minutes. Firms it up a lot and also makes frying, sautéing much easier as it doesn't leach liquid. More effective than pressing with paper towels. And the texture is more pleasant than frozen tofu IMO

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                Similarly, in Sichuan cooking, the tofu is often boiled in a mixture of dark soy sauce and water to give it some color and flavor before stir frying. Tofu is also delicious with ground pork and lots of Chinese dishes use both tofu and meat together with yummy results!