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Oct 28, 2013 03:42 AM

Last Hurrah in Marylebone High Area [London]

Hello, all. First, let me say THANK YOU for all the amazing recommendations. We've had some fantastic meals on our relatively short London jaunt - Woodlands (oh, my), Tapas at Providores (the courgette blossoms and scallops!), and Galvin. Also lovely afternoon tea at Dieci (though their room service - celeriac zuppa and aubergine / tomato / buffalo mozzarella - was awful), great pints at a number of pubs, and treats from Paul's and a variety of other patisseries. The only recommendation that we were not so fond of was Diwan - nothing awful, but strictly "eh." Sadly, we are down to our last supper. We'd like to stay close - an easy walk back to No. Ten Manchester at the end of a long day - but are as happy with fish and chips as fancy dancy. If you had one meal left in the area, where would YOU go? :)

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  1. Oh! And thanks for the Daunt Books suggestion - tremendous!

    1. Pieds Nus. New pop-up from L'autre Pied/Pied a Terre team. Zoilo or Picture are other options.