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Oct 28, 2013 01:24 AM


Oh the shame of it! I went from a talk and book signing party for Daniel Boulud - and on the way home was hungry and figured I'd give this place a try. I remember they had brisket on the menu and I was hankering for brisket.

Well, it's not Jewish-deli style brisket, more of a BBQ affair. And it was god-awful. More along the line of food you'd get on a plane. In coach. On a commuter flight. Or a TV dinner.

It was way overcooked, dry and falling apart (not falling apart in a great braised way, but more like pieces of reconstituted cardboard). It was really so bad I laughed. But I was hungry. The service, by contrast was utterly delightful and cheery. But I guess they don't know decent food. I told the manager it was a disaster. She brought me another serving - it was better, but still very bad. The "chef" really shouldn't be serving food like this. You could do so much better with very little effort (my mother would use Lipton's Onion Soup - and her's was stellar by comparison).

I would imagine prison food being better. Or MRE. They gave me a roast chicken. And it wasn't half-bad.

Against, service was great, but the food? Reminded of something a friend of mine )a former restaurateur) once said - "Don't they eat their own food?"

I had to feed my brisket jones - so I went to Lenny's. Not bad. Prefer Brent's, but compared to, say, Izzy's brisket? Definitely better. (though I would consider Izzy's a pretty low bar.). "Serviceable" as they say

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  1. i am dragged to truxton's every other month or so.
    foodiemahoodie, i think your review is too kind.
    their food is worse than what you describe.
    i can usually gag down some airplane food, but not truxton food.

    these people can ruin salad from a bag.
    you took one for the team.
    thank you.

    1. I think everything they have is better than their "specialty" brisket.

      For some reason, they think it's the best thing they do, but it's legitimately the worst.

      When I go for work, I get salads or grilled meats -- the simple stuff, you know? All that is fine. They just have no legitimate clue what brisket should be.

      1. truxtons .. santa monica...

        i give new places a few months to settle in...i then give it a simple "acid test"---breakfast: scram-eggs/sausage/toast/ coffee..

        how can you kcuf-up a basic dish like that...they did it with skill and awe...this is a dish that you dont have to work any "bugs" out of..ok...they did get the coffee right..

        all in all -- a disaster at a high price..for a basic dish..$15+..

        too bad...its in my neighborhood..and would have been a nice place to hang out...

        1. I went to Truxton's in Santa Monica for lunch about six weeks ago. I had some sort of offer from signing up for their emails and it being my birthday month, so I may have only paid tip or very llittle. I ordered the brisket.

          Now I do admit I was surprised by what I got: It definitely was notthe Jewish-style, long-braised brisket made with the oinion soup packet or tons of onions or onion/celery/carrots in a beefy braising liquid sauce. Nor was it long-smoked. It was thinly sliced, served from the flat section, with a tangy, reddish sauce not quite a bbq sauce. The texture was fine -- not tough, not falling-apart tender and unctious, but meaty and fine. The serving, with mashed potatoes and I think veggies, was enough for a big lunch with enough left for most of a dinner. Service was great.

          Now I haven't gone back, and I probably wouldn't pay close to $20 (with tax and tip) to order it again. Maybe my memory is skewed by my discount. Also, most restaurants can vary by the meal (not the great ones, hopefully). But my experience was on the positive side, unlike the other savage reviews above.

          1. I went to Truxton's and tried the brisket. Woke up at 1AM with a bad case of heartburn. I learned my lesson and next went to Lenny's--a definite improvement.