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Oct 27, 2013 08:35 PM

What to do with whole kaffir limes?

My kaffir limes from my tree are finally ripe and falling off. What should i do with all of these delicacies? I have like five now in my fridge just waiting to be used. I know I can use the zest and even the juice in some Thai curries, but what other uses do they have?

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  1. How about kaffir lime bitters for cocktails? Or Kaffir lime curd?

    1. You can use the zest in recipes where you would normally use lime zest, but I think the flavour might be stronger. I've used it to add flavour to my regular recipe for fried rice just for a change - I think it worked really well.

      I've also used the zest and juice in this lemon bar recipe - it worked out well. I'd advise only substituting some of the lemon juice and zest though, maybe 1/3 kaffir lime and 2/3 lemon.

      I used to have a tree in our old place but I couldn't take it with me. I have a tiny one growing but it's only about an inch tall yet, so these are from the notes I've compiled in anticipation - they're not from personal experience:

      The juice makes a great cordial or lemonade that is a perfect mixer with vodka.

      Another use, though non-food, is to use the peel for cleaning due to the high levels of volatile oils. You just squeeze the rind and rub on with a cloth, count to 5, then wipe off. Leaves a pleasant citrus smell behind. Great for wood, like a natural non toxic furniture polish. Perfect for cutting boards and benchtops as it's antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

      1. I would freeze as many leaves as possible then use as needed throughout the year for curry. Wish I had more in my freezer right now; my supply is almost gone.

        1. bump. any other ideas? i have a bunch of these limes in the fridge and i dont want them to go to waste!

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            Sometimes Thais use the juice as a hair tonic.

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              Oooh, that can be really drying. There great for adding scent if you happen to make candles or know anyone that does.