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Oct 27, 2013 08:22 PM

Ferreira (sp?)

On our last evening, we were limited to restaurants we could reach by one
bus on Sherbrooke without a long walk. The moment I spotted Ferreria on Peel St, I was attracted to Portuguese cuisine. Loved the looks of
the place: great vibe before we even sat down.

Limited choices for a non-meat eater--my husband. Very pricy, with what turned out to be a rather plain chicken dish for $34. I loved my bouillabaisse, was glad I didn't add the 1/2 lobster for $12, as the dish was ample, full bodied soup, varied seafood and clams done to perfection and not beyond.

Much as I enjoyed my dish, a vague dissatisfaction nibbled at me until I figured out what was bothering me. It wasn't the pricing; a fine restaurant is worth paying for. It was the lack of value, of anything extra,
of the over-pricing on the chicken dish, which simply was not worth what was charged. I've spent a lot more in other fine restaurants, and still felt there was a generosity toward the customer--extras, that did not exist here. Pity.

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  1. You might have had a better time at Bar F owned by the same owner with more beef on the menu and the best Halibut in town. You will also see the prices are a little sharper with the same quality you find at the sister restaurant. Bar F 1485 Jeanne Mance.

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      It's F Bar, not Bar F (and for a very good reason - if you look at the latter spelled out in one word...)

    2. What truly limited our restaurant experiences was the need to
      minimize standing on the street waiting for a second bus. There were many places recommended to me by the CH's on this Board that just weren't accessible enough in the evening when it was colder and very windy.

      But, I had a marvelous time, and look forward to visiting Montreal again soon, in warmer weather.