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Oct 27, 2013 07:42 PM

Yang's in Richmond Hill - what a disappointment

We usually go to Yangs when someone comes to town or if we want good Chinese food in a slightly more upscale setting. So three of us went there tonight to celebrate a quiet birthday. What complete train wreck. The restaurant was about a third full and yet it took 10 minutes and flagging someone down before we could order. We then realized we had no napkins, self help from another properly set table solved that. We ordered the Peking Duck (2 courses). So not worth it. The duck was sliced thickly and in pieces that were larger than the pancakes. We could have probably lived with that except that they came, carved the duck tableside and then said the pancakes would be coming... what restaurant shows up with the Peking duck WITHOUT the pancakes? Took almost 10 minutes for the pancakes so by then the duck was at room temp. We also ran out of hoisin sauce and when we ask for a bit more, they added it onto our bill! Irritating but not yet into the ridiculous... We had two hotpots - a shrimp satay vermicelli and a beef brisket hotpot -- both were good not great. We had almost finished the hotpots before a waiter came by and asked if we would like the leftovers wrapped up to go at which point I pointed out that the second course of the Peking Duck (lettuce wraps) had never shown up!!! By this time everyone was pretty full. The manager refused to cancel the order stating that he couldn't since the first course had already been served and they price the duck as one so he could not make any adjustments to the bill. All he could offer was to wrap it up to go. I have to say, I get way better service at a Boston Pizza. When most places screw up, they a) apologize and b) figure out a way to fix it... There was no attempt to adjust the bill in any manner. For a Chinese restaurant supposedly of a higher caliber, the service was atrocious. They just lost a regular customer.

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  1. I posted this a week ago!!
    Together, looks like there's enough 'warning' for future diners?!!

    1. Charles, or anyone else, have you been for dim sum lately? Has the quality been maintained , or has it too deteriorated?
      I have always found the service at Yang's to be, well, less than polished - waiting, waiting, waiting to get someone's attention for seating, items almost tossed onto tables, etc, but I've overlooked it as the quality of the dim sum was great. We haven't been in the last six months, so an update would be great. Thanks!

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        Ref: Yang's
        Haven't had Dim Sum there for at least a couple of month, so cannot provide you with latest report card. Sorry!

        My latest Dim Sum venture was at the newly opened 'Paramount' atop of Time Square. Lovely decor for a Chinese place but awful food!!! Beware!

      2. Sounds like a combination of bad service, poor kitchen management, and inane charge policies (extra hoisin charge??). There are plenty of their top end competition in the Richmond Hill / Markham / N. Scarborough area to give your business to.