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Oct 27, 2013 06:12 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Madison, WI

My parents are planning on visiting my younger brother in Madison for Thanksgiving this year and are looking for a restaurant that serves a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I found this older thread, but none of the places listed are open any more:

Anyone know of a good place to recommend to them? I'm a local, but I have never had Thanksgiving dinner in town. Thanks!

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  1. We were in a similar situation a few years ago and went to Dayton Street Grille. They offered a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing as good as say your Grandmother would probably prepare but definitely better than probably any other option in Madison for traditional Thanksgiving food away from home.

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    1. re: Fowler

      I too am in search of a place for Thanksgiving dinner in Madison. Just called the Dayton Street Grille and they aren't serving this year, alas.

      Madison on the Cheap has yet to update their list for 2013.

      This is getting a little frustrating. I will return with news of what I find later today and tomorrow.

    2. Madison on the Cheap used to compile a list. I am not sure there will be a new one, but maybe check on some of last year's:

      There's also new place called Layla's that's serving a Thanksgivukkah meal:

      1. This is four years old, but it's a great start.

        I will put the question in front of my contacts in the local hospitality ranks and try to get better, more current, information.

        1. Quivey's Grove. Beautiful setting, great food. Highly recommended.

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            Hi, Quivey's Grove is not open for Thanksgiving this year.

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              I'll be darned. They always used to have a wonderful T'giving dinner.

          2. My main contact does not have any suggestions, yet. I will keep my ears to the ground.