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Oct 27, 2013 05:39 PM

Jupiter West Palm - Leftovers

We will be in Palm Beach Shores in November and we we had Leftoverson our list. I looked at tripadvisor and saw a number of recent complaints and low ratings, mainly related to poor service. What gives?

Is there anything new in the area?

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  1. I've been going here since it opened and have always had great service. Most of the staff has been there since it opened and has the lowest turnover.

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    1. re: freakerdude

      Many thanks.
      We'll be a party of 6. How early do you have to go to avoid a wait of more than one drink on a Thursday? Friday?

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        dc I am not sure only because I typically go no earlier than 630. They are opening a new resto in Northwood just south on Federal from you but beware opening day is Nov 1. The Northwood area has some very good places like Cafe Centro (Italian) and Malakor Thai. Both are very good!

        More info on Northwood

        From my post in opening: New from the Food Shack & Leftovers Cafe is Garage VV opening in Northwood on Nov 1. I just read about it here

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          Thanks! You really are a great resource

    2. I've also been to Leftovers probably 10 times in the past two years - and if there's one thing I could not possibly complain about, it would be the service. I've always had good to excellent experiences.

      As for the food, I originally started ordering the "Bowls" but now I've found I prefer getting other dishes... such as the various crust and sauce combos with their fresh fish platters.

      Don't miss the panko crusted oysters salad... I think it is listed as an app or salad but it's enough to be a meal for one. In general the portions are large. So either order smaller than you think, and then get "another round" if you're still hungry - or prepare for Leftovers, indeed.

      Keep in mind this is a casual, noisy, "high energy" place - not fine dining... if that matters to your group.

      If you don't want to wait too long, try for Thursday instead of Friday, of course.

      BTW here is a prev thread with some comments

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        Thanks.. Definitely Thursday. I suppose for Friday-Saturday we'll go to places that take reservations. I understand that Little Moir's, Jetty's and the Reef Grille don't take them. Suggestions?

        1. re: dcbbq

          Seems like all of the good places down here are non-reservations... Per my above post, try Coolinary (former leftovers chef)-- they have one table they reserve for 6 or 8 people.

          Little Moir's (sister restaurant of Leftovers) doesn't and neither does Reef Grille. Jetty's is about the view / setting more than the food (food is fine, just not notable). Possible they may take a reservation for 6 (worth a call if that is on your list).

          I would also suggest in Palm Beach, Buccan (definitely takes reservations, but you may have trouble getting one now). Hullabaloo is WPB is great as well, and believe they take reservations for 6 or more.

          1. re: jon777

            +++ on Coolinary and Buccan.

            It is still pretty off-season here in November (except for TG weekend), so you MIGHT be able to get a res.

      2. Agree 100% with freakerdude. Never had ANY issues with service. Don't know who is posting that on trip-advisor, but the only complaint I have ever had is just that it is too popular / too long a wait.

        FYI -- they are generally accurate (or often overestimate as people sometimes won't wait) with their times.

        If you want to avoid a wait, Coolinary (former chef from Leftovers, however not what I'd call a similar menu) does have a single table that can be reserved for 6-8 people. Food and staff are great (5 mins away)

        Both Coolinary and Leftovers are worth the trip

        1. We are here right now and got straight in at 715. They actually have a few tables open but maybe it's a pre Halloween and a World Series night. The waiter Eddie said October is their slowest month. Plate of the night was papaya and blue cheese crusted hogfish, grilled swordfish with Cajun sauce, corn bread puddling, and creamy bacon Brussel sprout slaw. It was excellent!