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Clam Juice substitute

For the Cooks Illustrated jambalaya recipe.

I have a copy of the recipe and an online subscription, but the link to the article is broken, so I'm not quite sure why it's important. I have some dashi granules, and a few lobster shell's in the freezer, or I could just skip it. Any ideas?

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  1. I'd use the dashi and lobster shells to make a quick seafood broth!

    1. I think any seafood broth would work. I would just check the salt levels because clam juice tends to have a lot of added salt. My thought is that the clam juice adds the seafood essence with a little extra saltiness.

      1. Liquid from canned tuna, be it in water or in oil.

        1. I'd also use both the dashi granules & lobster shells for stock but any seafood will do to make stock. Keep in mind granules have a higher salt content than making stock without it. You can also sub chicken or veg stock or broth.

          1. Are you shelling shrimp? Boil up those shells to make a broth.

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              I'm using peeled except for tails from costco. I am using the lobster shells and dashi. I'll throw in the tails.

            2. Is there a problem with going to the store and buying a bottle? It widely available and doesn't cost much.

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                The only problem is I don't feel like it. And I've already started the part with the wine...there is no part with the wine???


                And then I'll have unused frozen lobster shells, lots of granulated dashi, maybe some shrimp tails....

                From now on I will keep a bottle. Thought I had one....

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                  I know what you mean :) I don't remember the ingredient but the other day I didn't make the dish cause the ingredient was that important. As Scarlet O'Hara said "I'll think about this tomorrow." Or something like that.

              2. skip it. if you want to use stock, chicken broth works just fine as a sub, otherwise, gasp! I would use water.