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Oct 27, 2013 04:50 PM

upscale in Princeton (or nearby) but child friendly?

Taking my year old mother-in-law who lives in Princeton out for a birthday dinner. We'll have a 7 year old along.

Grammy's go-to places when we come to Princeton are Witherspoon Grill and Mediterra. We'd therefore love to find something else. She did not like the place that replaced Lahiere. She loves Enoterra and we'd go there but is it child friendly? Any other ideas??


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  1. Enoterra is fine. Other upscale places to consider for a birthday dinner are Peacock Inn or One 53.

    Peacock Inn may be a bit too formal and sedate but I've noticed multigenerational families dining there. Probably best to call and inquire about menu options for the young diner. If the child is easily bored, this may not be a good choice as it's typically a multi course 1-1.5hr dinner.

    One 53 is our local fav. Upscale bistro ambiance. I'd recommend reserving a table in their wine cellar if your group is more than 5. The wine cellar has two long tables each seating 10-12 so it makes for a great semi-private dinner. Note it's a flight of stairs (no elevator) down to the wine cellar if that's a mobility concern for your mother in law. Current menu items fit for children include mac and cheese, an excellent One 53 burger with hand cut fries and chicken Milanese.

    Other options in town include element's (upscale) and their second restaurant Mistral (casual) though their cuisine is probably not suited for a 7 year old diner and your MIL has already dismissed Agricola (old Lahiere's location).

    1. Take a look at Blue Point Grill. No reservations but good food and lively atmosphere.

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        BPG is now on Opentable for reservations and are also one of our favs. Great variety of oysters daily and an always changing selection of fish and more. Dine early (5-6pm) as it gets very noisy when full (nightly). byob.

      2. Blue Bottle Grill in Hopewell is another good one. They are very accommodating for kids. My kids always order their delicious gnocchi.