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Oct 27, 2013 04:44 PM

Glass cooktop problem

I have a new GE glass cooktop. There is no problem with getting liquids to boil or to simmer on the large burners. Both of the smaller burners continue to boil liquids and sauces even on the lowest setting. Even if I take the pot off of the burner for a minute or two, then put it back on the burner, it starts boiling again. I am using Circulon pots that are in very good condition and fit the size of the burner. Any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated. As of now, I am disappointed in the stove's performance.

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  1. If you are an experienced cook and are sure that you are doing things right, I'd suggest returning it.

    1. I would call the company. It shouldn't do that. While waiting for the problem to be resolved, you might try sitting your pot half on/half off of the burner.

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      1. re: MrsJonesey

        I have the 800 number to call. Will try that tomorrow. Also just borrowed a Stainless steel pot from a friend to try on the burner.

      2. Yup! Sounds like time to make lemonade 'cause it seems as if you bought a lemon! I have a GE ceramic smooth top that simmers gently, keeps things warm without simmering, boils briskly, and does all the good stuff any "stove" is supposed to do. It sounds like your cooktop is brand new, and if that's the case, I'd start with a call to the people you bought it from because to my way of thinking, they should handle things that don't work "out of the box.". Good luck!

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        1. re: Caroline1

          Caroline1, what kind of pots do you use? I just tried boiling water, then turning it to low using a borrowed stainless steel pot (a bit smaller than my smallest circulon) and it performed like it should...I am thinking it might be my cookware? I hope not...

          1. re: magluctin

            First off, is your cooktop induction or radiant heat? *IF* it's induction then you could get that peculiar *only boils, won't simmer" result ***IF*** your pans are full ferrous metal such as cast iron or DeBuyer's Element. With induction the higher the iron content the more efficient the pan is. I have stainless steel and DeBuyer Element and cast iron pans. The stainless steel is much less reactive than the others.

            But if your cooktop is radiant (glows and heats the surface, which then heats the pan (induction heats the pan and not the surface, though contact with the pan does make it hot)) then I have absolutey NO idea what could be going on.

            In case no one ever told you, cooking is a WEIRD sport!

        2. I have the same problem with my JennAir glass cooktop (AC pans if that matters) and the techs claim there is nothing wrong. I employ the move on, move off method if I need to keep something at a simmer. I hate the cooktop and can't wait to replace it.

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          1. re: cleobeach

            The surface is hot and glows red, so the range is radiant. It appears that the problem is only with the right rear burner. The stainless steel pot that I borrowed worked better on that burner, it actually just kept the liquid hot on the low setting. My circulon pot which is a bit larger than the borrowed pot still almost boiled the liquid on the lowest setting. However, the same Circulon pot performed well on the front left burner which is the same size as the right back burner. Maybe the right back is set hotter and the SS pot handles it better? It has a 1/8 inch steel disc on it's bottom. Anyway, I can work around this problem.
            Caroline1,you are right, it is a weird sport and a weird science.

            Thanks to everyone that responded.

            1. re: magluctin

              Is the odd burner a "instant" heat version? My glass cooktop (Thermador) has that, and it takes forever to cool down, so after boiling water, I just move the pan to a different (non-instant) burner for the simmer or keep-warm phase. My pans are Circulon, too. Good luck.

              1. re: pine time

                I have a rapid boil burner but it isn't this one. I will work around it.

              2. re: magluctin

                The Circulon pot absorbs radiant energy more efficiently than one with a stainless steel exterior, so there will be some difference due to that effect.

                1. re: GH1618

                  I just tried heating up spaghetti sauce on one of the small burners on setting #2. It boiled the sauce, I took it off the burner, turned it down to melt and after a minute or two, put the Circulon pot with the sauce back on the burner. It boiled again. Took the sauce out of the Circulon pot and poured it into the stainless steel pot...same thing happened. Calling GE tomorrow. Way too aggravating. I wish I had my coil burner range again.

                2. re: magluctin

                  Have you looked at the manual? On my range, each burner is a different wattage. Mostly I pay attention to this to know which burner to use to get a pot to boil fastest... My stove has low, low setting on each burner which doesn't boil anything so I can simmer. The other variable -- flat bottoms on the the pots.

                  1. re: firecooked

                    I have been through the manual several times. There is only wattage info on the large front burner that has a rapid boil feature. My problem is with the 2 small burners. Boils food on Melt setting. Will call GE tomorrow. It isn't the's the stove.
                    Thank you to all that gave me suggestions.