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Oct 27, 2013 01:55 PM

How do I wrap a cake with cream cheese frosting?

Hi! I am making pumpkin spice cakes (Thanks, Martha Stewart!) with a cream cheese frosting for a few teachers at my daughter's nursery school. In the past, whenever I have given them away, I just put them on a beautiful plate and no cover. (I did not cover because we were guests for dinner, and I figured no need to wrap!) Anyway, I can't do that for all these teachers. If I use plastic wrap, it messes up the frosting. Was paper won't hold it properly...just wondering if you had any ideas??

Thanks so much!!!

Happy Halloween

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  1. Insert toothpicks into the top and sides of the cake , before wrapping the plastic around the cake. It will jut out and make a bubble around the cake and then when you remove the plastic wrap they will remove the visible toothpicks (make sure to leave them out quite a bit so they are visible to everyone and not a hazzard )

    1. I get bakery boxes (the pink cardboard ones,) and a bases (again, cardboard,) at a local party supply store. They're anywhere from 99 cents to a few dollars a piece depending on size and look really cute with pink and brown polka dot cloth ribbon that I also get at the party store.

      1. You could wrap it in cute paper, like how they make homemade cupcake cups. But this would be prior to frosting, and you'd only be able to frost the top (best with piping bag).

        Then you could cello wrap the whole thing and it'll be pretty easy to carry.

        Here is a cupcake picture example. Edit. Just realized I screenshot instead of saved the pic. Well you can see what I searched if you need to see yourself lol :). Glad this thing doesn't show my other tabs.....

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          Some frostings develop a crust as they dry, so there's no need to worry about messing it up. That's why I often make bundt cakes with a glaze that hardens to avoid this problem.

          A shame beause cream cheese frosting, especially on a pumpkin spice cake is out of this world! Your kids' teachers are lucky!

        2. I saw on ATK recently they used raw spaghetti to stick into the cake and hold the plastic wrap at bay.

          I would probably get a regular cake box, though. Michael's has them.