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SGV recommendations?

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I realize this is going to set of a firestorm... but I'm always looking for new places to eat in SGV. All recommendations are welcome...

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  1. Why would it set off a firestorm? Here are some old threads and you can tell us what you liked or didn't.


    1. Or, list those places that you've already tried.

      1. I drive about 45 miles just to eat at SinBala and to get treats at Phoenix Food Boutique.
        Maybe you know these places already?

          1. Must give a shout out to Yoma Myanmar in Monterey Park. They do a tea leaf salad that tastes as amazing as the one at Burma Superstar. The curries and samosas are also delicious and the yogurt drink is great. Its also very cheap and the woman who is the hostess/chef is very nice. :-)

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              Also, here's a pic of the salad.