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Oct 27, 2013 01:18 PM

New Hampshire Inn for Thanksgiving

Any suggestions for an inn in NH serving Thanksgiving dinner? Our original Thanksgiving plans have changed and we're thinking about getting away for an overnight or couple of days. An inn serving dinner would be ideal. Another option would be a B & B near a nice restaurant serving Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks for your help!

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  1. here is the first one that comes to mind:

    Are you looking for a place just to eat with atmosphere, or are you looking to also stay there?

    Also, what particular area do you have in mind?

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    1. re: hummingbird

      Thank you, Hummingbird. Definitely looking to make it a little get away and stay there. The area doesn't really matter too much.

      Bedford Village Inn was one that I had thought of as well.

    2. Right across the NH border in VT is the Woodstock Inn. They do Thanksgiving, the Inn is lovely and there are lots of things for foodies and non foodies to do.

      1. If you want poutine with your turkey, Chez Vachon has dinner for $12.95.