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Oct 27, 2013 01:10 PM

fiesta ware plate size question

I am about to purchase some fiesta ware (thinking sunflower dinner plates, tangerine chowder bowls, and lemongrass "smaller plate"). The thing I'm having trouble deciding between is the "luncheon plate" (9 inches) and the "salad plate" (7.25 inches). The plates I currently have for this purpose (side salads, lunch, dessert) are 8 inches, which seems "just right" to me. What do people out there use the "salad plate" vs the "luncheon plate" for? I guess it probably doesn't matter too much either way, but hate to have to make this decision!

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  1. Made a fabulous find of a LOT of Fiestaware at a yard sale a few years ago... mostly jewel tones. A place setting consisted of a dinner plate (10.5"), a sou-/cereal bowl, a mug with riing handle, and a 7" plate I called a salad/sandwich plate??

    About only place I've really seen F-ware sold is Kohls and what I've described is a place setting... tho pieces can be purchased individually.

    Within last week, made another great find at a thrift store... 8 dinner and "salad" plates, 6 mugs and 4 bowls... all a kinda butter yellow color and NO chips, cracks or visible signs of use.

    1. I'm looking to buy them direct from Homer Laughlin, so I can choose what I want (and get all one color of dinner, all one color of bowls, etc. which is what I want to do).

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        Macy's online sometimes have decent sales on individual pieces. Worth a look.

      2. Speaking only for myself, I'd go with 9 inches, but we tend to use larger plates more at our house. Or heck you could get both.

        1. I tend to use the salad plates for slices of cake or pie. I use the lunch plates for sandwiches and for serving snacks on card night. We're not really a separate salad plate kinda house since most of our entertaining is buffet-style.

          1. We prefer to use the fiesta past bowls for salad.

            and FW is all over eBay.