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Oct 27, 2013 12:48 PM

Le Creuset Mini Cocotte Alternatives?

Hello all,

I was looking into buying a set of six Le Creuset mini cocottes for dinner parties and such, so I could serve individual pot pies, cobblers, etc.

However as many of you can probably identify with, the cost is somewhat prohibitive for me ($120 ish dollars). I was wondering if any of you knew of any alternative brands that also make little 10cm/8oz pots that are oven safe and look pretty for presentation.

I prefer white since I think food looks great in white serving dishes, but I haven't been able to find any on my own :(

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. You don't need a lid for pot pies or cobblers. Hit up your local Home Goods or other discount store, you can get small stoneware ramekins quite cheaply.

    1. If you have a BBB near you they carry a number of alternative. If you want a "name brand" I believe they still carry Lodge but IIRC they weren't much cheaper than LC. If you sign up for their emails you get a 20% off coupon.

      Many department stores: Macy's, Filene's, JCP carry Lodge too and they often have coupons too.

      I own the LC ones in a variety of colors that I picked up at the outlet. They averaged around $14/$15 each depending on color. Might be worth a phone call if you have one near you.

      1. Depending on whether or not you need lids, I've seen them from $2 - $5 at restaurant stores. Online is likely the same, but you'd have shipping. The $2 was really $24/12.

        My mom has some oval white ones we got for a song from a restaurant going out of business.

        1. Try this google image search. It should help get you started.

          8 oz casserole white

          1. I'm guessing your wanting the stoneware not the enameled cast iron ones? My personal favorite that isn't cast iron is the porcelain Pillivuyt, plus they come in many different sizes. But they are even more expensive than the Le Creuset stoneware ones.