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Oct 27, 2013 12:12 PM

Best mini torch for brulee, etc.

I'd like to buy a mini blow torch to make creme brulee, etc. Which ones are recommended? I'd like it to be simple and under $50. The Bonjour Chef's Torch gets rave reviews, at least on Amazon, but I want to check with the experts first. Thanks!

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  1. I enjoy using a torch for cooking. I decided against a single tasker mini one and just use the big one from the garage. In fact, I keep it in the kitchen now. I guess if I used it at the table a lot I might get a mini one, but I don't.

    1. I have and recommend the Iwatani, which is attached to a standard size butane canister available at most asian markets. I see it in use at many sushi bars.

      1. I used to do a LOT of crafting... sadly that seems to have gone away?? I turned a uni-tasker into a multi-tasker. Have a heat gun... looks a bit like a small hair drier, used for embossing powder... would burn your hair OFF in a heart beat! It will actually brulee sugar... just takes a bit longer. No actual flame... plugs in.

        1. I use a regular propane torch. I think it was about $10 at Home Depot.

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            Hi, Tim:

            +1 on the regular propane torch. I use a Ace Hardware-branded Bernzamatic with the one-button actuator that releases gas and ignites it at the same time. Let off the button and she stops. Well under $50 *with* the gas.

            The only tweak I make is to use the squat bottles intended for camping rather than the tall ones, because the former don't topple over so easily.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              Kaleo, I probably should have bought that one, but since I don't smoke cigars on a regular basis anymore this is my excuse to buy wooden matches.


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                I also suggest a self-lighting Bernzomatic propane torch. They not only self-light, but also have a regulator that allows you to invert the torch without extinguishing the flame.

                The lowest priced Bernzomatic with all these features is the TS3000. You can get it for about $25, with gas, at the big box store of your choice.

            2. I have a mini torch from WS, it works well enough. But I prefer my propane torch...same one the others mentioned.