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Oct 27, 2013 11:31 AM

Vegetarian options?

Just moved to Houston from Austin, and I'm missing my wide variety of vegetarian options.

I live in the Montrose area and need cheap (less than $10) options!


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  1. $10? Dunno, but ck out "meatless Monday's" at Pondicheri's on west ave, Kirby and Westheimer. Maybe, Aladdin's middle eastern, Westheimer/Montrose. Niko Niko for salad and hummus. Chinese/Thai, 3-6-9, Njoy, Nidda, pasta @ Paulie's.

    1. This is a little confusing because it's been a long time since I've seen a menu without vegetarian option(s). Are you looking for an exclusively veg place?

      1. Another vote for Pondicheri's.

        Also in that area, I have been to Radical Eats which doesn't fall into your price range but their Sunday brunch is very good and AYCE. Whole Foods salad bar is an option. Also, Trader Joe's is nearby and they have cheaper options, too.

        There is also a Greek resto, Niko Niko, near Montrose/Westheimer but I have not been.

        Not close, but my latest find has been The Dosa Factory. Right now, a free appy with every dosa. Each dosa is $7-8 with many different fillings. Free AYCE sambhar, too. There sambhar is good because it isn't uber spicy and more flavourful.


        1. There are a LOT of affordable restaurants In Montrose -- most have items on their menus that can accommodate the most stringent of dietary preferences. Try

          1. I don't know about exclusively vegetarian, but I will list a few vegetarian dishes that I love from a few restaurants that also serve meat. I, myself, am not a vegetarian so my knowledge on the subject isn't that expansive. Regardless, here are my favorites:

            1. Beaver nut burger from Beaver's -- I like it more than beef; I add a fried egg to mine (it's $12, but you could probably have them take off the homemade chips for a cheaper price) their watermelon salad is also really good
            2. Truffled egg sandwich from Local Foods (comes with 2 sides, I recommend the beet salad, bests beets I've ever had) all for $9.50
            3. Portabella sandwich from Bowl Cafe ($7.50)

            That's all I can think of for now.

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              Good suggestions here, but I have to point out, that Beaver nut burger at Beaver's is incredibly dry. The egg would definitely help. Don't quibble over the chips - they're worth it.

              1. re: Cheflambo

                That's definitely true. Barnaby's has a really good (actually several really good) vegetarian "burgers" including a falafel one.