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Oct 27, 2013 11:17 AM

Sweetbreads recipe from Saveur

I'd had a small package (<half a pound) of sweetbreads in the freezer for a while and couldn't decide what to do with. My one other attempt was a few years ago, involved all that weighing down and I wasn't impressed. Can't remember what I did with them that time. But having had them in a restaurant recently, I was determined. I generally find Saveur recipes reliable and this was better than that. Very straightforward and very, very good! We kept toasting ourselves over HOW good. If we'd had this in a favored restaurant,we'd have been wowed. Here's the recipe and a pic:

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  1. Fantastic

    I too have a package in the freezer that has been there too long.

    A lot of the same prep I've used before but no pressing. Pretty sure I refrigerated the nuggets during the pressing

    I love them and need to make this

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    1. re: scubadoo97

      You'll love, I'm sure.

      The recipe does say to refrigerate overnight but I just did it for about eight hours. Couldn't tell that it lost anything. I was also pleased that they were quite 'clean' needing practically nothing done to them. I was also lucky that I could get all the vegetable from WF including 'real' baby carrots. Any time I start sourcing a lot from them it becomes more expensive but I wouldn't changed a thing about it.

      Let us know when you make them, okay?

        1. re: scubadoo97

          The little bit I did I probably didn't even need to. I just looked in the pretty nasty trash for the label but can't find. It was likely from our local co-op.

    2. Looks delicious! And inspires me to try again. I deep fried them last night and they were good but nowhere near as good as I have had in restos. Once before, I bought some at an Argentinian grocery and threw them on the grill with no prep. Ended up feeding them to my dogs - they were inedible. You def need to soak them.