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Oct 27, 2013 11:11 AM

Quick lunch in Chapel Hill

Any recommendations for a quick solo lunch in Chapel Hill? No pizza/Italian.

I had thought of going to Allen and Son, but I have to be at a meeting on the other side of Chapel Hill at noon, and it seemed too far to be able to eat and drive, assuming they open around 11-11:30am.

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  1. Chopsticks & More on Franklin St. downtown (two doors from Sutton's). Nice selection of Korean items. I have been there once and got a very tasty sandwich to go. While I was waiting I observed some good looking plates and bowls.

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      I second Chopstick & More, had really nice bimibop the other day there.

    2. I'm almost positive they open at 10:30 if that helps.

      1. What day of the week? A fair number of places are closed on Mondays....

        Pastrami at Neals is really delicious, but closed Mondays.


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        1. re: meatn3

          It's later in the week, so I didn't figure much of anyone would be closed.

        2. I'll add in Mixed and Vimala's (the added bonus to both is that you can park at them).

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            Vimala's is an excellent suggestion. I haven't been, but how about that Korean fried chicken place - has it worked out to be good? And that new falafel place on Franklin - someone was saying great things about it not long ago.

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              Totally agree on Vimala's -always delicious, parking and if the weather's nice you can sit outside in the courtyard. Do you mean Korchirpi which is now Chopsticks?

              Oh gosh and in the same courtyard is Kalamaki, Kipos' fast Greek food.

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                See, I'm not keeping up! Didn't realize the Korean place had changed names. Is it still Korean fried chicken?

                I haven't tried Kalamaki yet, but would love to. I know that I'd recommend Kipos, but not sure how quick it would be.

                eta: Oops, just read boaviagem's post about chopsticks which answers my questions.

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                That was me singing the praises of Hummus Cafe. I haven't been back there yet, as I usually avoid Franklin St. if possible when school is in session. I'm surprised no one else has chimed in on it either way, but based on my experience, highly recommended if you like Middle Eastern.

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                  I really want to try it - thanks for chiming in Remsleep. School will be out before we know it. Assume it is best as a carry-out place?

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                    I sat down there. The ambiance is basically zero, but I didn't have any expectations in that regard. They had ESPN and CNN on the big screen. I was eating by myself, so I was fine with it. Wouldn't recommend it for a romantic occasion.

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                      And I'm guessing no booze? (sorry, I repeat myself wayyyy too often on this topic)

                      1. re: LulusMom

                        I'm not a big drinker, especially at lunch, so it wasn't exactly on my radar. I don't recall seeing any beer bottles on display.

                        1. re: Remsleep

                          Totally understand. My guess is they are more of a carry-out type place. Really want a good falafel; maybe during T-giving break Lulu and I will make our way there. Thanks so much for the tip.

            2. I like Southern Comfort in the Europa Ctr

              I'm still a fan of Jujube.

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                I have been there recently and did not even realize it was no longer called Crook's Atrium Cafe. I agree it is an excellent lunch spot.

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                  Is it that Crook's Atrium Cafe just changed their name or is Southern Comfort Cafe really a different restaurant? The menu at Crook's Atrium Cafe menu used to be similar to Crook's Corner and it was a solid choice for lunch on a weekday.

                  From a quick look at Southern Comfort Cafe menu, it doesn't look like anything has changed from when it went by the name of Crook's Atrium Cafe: