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Oct 27, 2013 11:03 AM

Community Eatery-Flemington

New restaurant opening up where Fusion used to be(corner of Mine and Main St.). Saw a draft of their menu on their Facebook page. Looks like t's a chef-owned, farm to table concept, with a Southern bent to it. Menu looks very intriguing!

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  1. I'm excited for something new to fill this beautiful space, but I must say I am not intrigued at all with their menu. Looked kind of boring to me, especially considering their prices. Wish they would open for lunch, rather than dinner only. Hope to hear good feedback from other CHers, but I probably won't be a trailblazer on this one.

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      Lyds or madgreek99, could you post a link to their website/menu? Google search did not uncover it for me. Thanks.

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        As happy as I am to see a new restaurant open in this space I'm not sure Southern will work here.

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          I think the Southern concept is a good one. We need something a little different around here. The menu sounds interesting to me, I'm looking forward to trying it.

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 is the website

      2. Madgreek99: The menu I saw didn't have prices. I'd like to see them. Maybe intrigued was not the right word, but it sure is different than anything else Flemington has now.

        Forklaw: I saw the menu on their Facebook page. It was on the left side of the page, under "Recent Posts from Others," 3rd post down. I'm sorry but I didn't know how post a link to it.

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          The menu I saw did not have prices but I met the owner/chef and he told me that entrees would be in the 20-30 range and apps in the 10-12 range. Unfortunately, I tossed the menu I had, but it appears to be the same one Lyds references from Facebook above.

        2. Here is my longish review: Went there last night with 2 of my family members. We were asked if we had a reservation, and we didn't. Only 3 tables were occupied. They sat us down at the long community table in the center of the room. We sat down but realized it was awkward. The table was high and wide and it would have been hard to talk to the person across from me. It also felt weird to sit in the middle of the room. We asked to be moved to a 4 top and they sat us at a table next to another couple.By the time we left, only one other party had been seated there, also a party of 3. The restaurant never got too busy. There is another large room as well. The space is very light and open, sparsely decorated.

          To start we were given a wood cutting board with 3 biscuits and 2 canning jars with pickled veggies. The pickles were delicious. Biscuits were dry, asked for butter, never got it. There was also a bottle of olive oil with a long hot pepper in it on each table. We ordered the deviled eggs 3 ways ($9) and the grilled oysters($15). I split the deviled eggs-there were 6 of them. 2 traditional, 2 with tasso, and 2 with bacon and a smoky paprika. Good starter. I got to try one oyster. It was spicy and delicious. Each oyster came with a mountain of micro watercress on top. Most was removed by the person who ordered it. There is a large specials blackboard near us. I didn't notice if there was another. There was a cheese starter of 3 cheeses, a gumbo special, and a cranberry bread pudding dessert. I ordered the brick chicken ($25), and the other two both ordered the gumbo special ($16).
          The gumbo got good reviews-andouille, redfish, and shrimp. I also noticed okra (of course) celery, and a lot of carrots. The eaters likes the consistency-they likened it to a stoup. I thought the broth could have had a deeper flavor. It was served with a side of white rice. The chicken came on a bed of bitter collard greens, with pattypan squash, cipollini onions, and baby zucchini. The veggies were crisp tender, The macaroni and cheese it was served with came in its own cast iron serving dish. It was cheesy and not too dense, It was half a small chicken cut into serving pieces. Being a small chicken, the bones were very tiny. Two bites I took were gritty, almost sand like. I mentioned it to the waitress as I thought maybe it was sand in the collard greens. She went to the kitchen to ask and was told they wash the collard greens themselves. Could have been the skin of the chicken. The waitress said they put a brick on top which I realize, but I hope it wasn't brick particles and that they cover the brick with foil. We were too full for dessert but they had sweet potato ice cream, a chocolate cupcake, and the cranberry bread pudding.

          Entrees ranged from $18 for pulled pork and fried chicken to $40 for a bone-in ribeye. Side were well thought out. I noticed a lot of diners ordered the smoked chicken lollipops as an app. Portions were very generous, fresh, and well prepared. I would go back!

          1. I believe it has now closed. Saw a For Lease sign out front today. Very unfortunate as it's such a great location and a beautiful space. Needed a better concept, IMO.

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              Yeah, I was wondering what was going on, noticed it was closed during regular business hours when I drove by a couple of times last week. That's a shame, they went down fast.