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Oct 27, 2013 08:36 AM

Charcuterie at home

I am looking to make a nice charcuterie plate at home for Thanksgiving celebration. I usually pick up the ingredients from the Reading Terminal Market when I get to the City. Any other hidden gems I should try?

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  1. DiBruno's is well worth visiting. Look for Porc Salt products. Their rillettes, and pate are very good.

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      +1 on DiBruno's. We usually go to the one at the 9th St Italian Market. The people there are super friendly and helpful, and are happy to suggest items if you tell them generally what you're looking for. They'll also give you samples.

    2. Porc Salt is great, they are also at the headhouse farmers market - usually Sunday, but Wednesday before thanksgiving. Also, talula's has some charcuterie at the same market and I guess at Talula's daily her new market

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        Bigley or anyone do you know if Garces removed the charcuterie from Garces Trading company? You used to be able to buy some house made product to go. I fear that the latest change has elminated this option when they added the new counter.

      2. Although I usually buy from DiBruno on Chesnut, if you live near or happen to be in South Philly, in addition to the original DiBruno, Claudios has really interesting things. If you are in North Eastern Montco, Altomontes' isn't in the same league, but is pretty good.