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Oct 27, 2013 06:55 AM

Any Good Bakeries on West Island?

Yagel Bagel surprises me in that their selection of cookies comes mostly boxed with sugar as first ingreient and no fresh pastries, Lafrenaie is strictly cakes, Yummiez closed and when they were open didn't have any different than Yagel Bagel.
When did cookies start coming only in boxes and made mostly of sugar, when did bakeries stop carrying petit fours or little square cakes and brownies...
I suppose I am too used to the convenience stores in the such thing in the Dollard area.

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  1. About the only excellent Bakery I know of on the West Island is Le Petit Munich, and that is more a bread-baker than a pastry shop, and it specializes in German goodies. Alas for you, while they used to be in Pierrefonds, now they are down in Pointe-Claire.

    I hope some West Island Chowhounds have more tips for you...

    1. Maison Mallet on 15749 boulevard Pierrefonds. It's not Pain dans le Voiles or Guillaume but it's the best one can do for a French bakery. I find the breads are missing something, their baguette doesn't have that "bubbleness" to it.

      Their pastries are inconsistent, last time I had a mille feuille the puff pastry tasted burnt. I think I remember liking their chocolatines and croissants. I want to like them but I'd rather go downtown.

      There's also Baking Sweet (4806 Boulevard Saint-Jean) for cupcakes, cookies, etc.. I had some good homemade Whippets there recently.

      Suzy's on 15450 Boulevard Pierrefonds also for German homeade treats, really good pretzels.

      1. try
        Boulangerie De L'Ile Bizard
        387, rue Cherrier
        L'Île-Bizard, QC H9C 1E8