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Oct 27, 2013 06:39 AM

Had to swear off Mona Lisa

Okay, so it's never been a culinary mecca, but it has been loved for its own merit for a while now. For quarterites to get some cozy noodles or various melted-cheese dishes, it used to be acceptable and very convenient. What has happened to the food over the last couple of years? The pizzas sometimes present undercooked with lackluster toppings appearing to have been thrown on unevenly from across the room, the pasta dishes lack enough (good) sauce (Pasta Mardi Gras had a few BB-sized shrimp thrown in, blah) the quality of the cheese has declined to institutional grade, the meatballs taste as if 1/2 filler. I hope the Mona Lisa people see this and realize they need to re-establish the love. I promise we'll love you back.

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  1. If you had ever crossed the courtyard to the restrooms in the dark, you would have sworn off this place long ago.

    1. Regardless, the Mona Lisa Special sandwich is good. I usually just call and pick up.