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Oct 27, 2013 06:37 AM

Thanks chowhounds; Shoryu Ramen; Mirch Masala. [London]

I've been in the process of settling in London for a few years but ping-pong back to the US regularly, limiting my exploration time. I want to give a hearty THANKS to all of you who've provided great reviews!!!

I tried Shoryu Ramen twice this week as ramen is just beginning to trend in Houston, where I was recently. I've now tried both Dracula Tonkotsu (OK, I'm a garlic fan, lol) and Karaka Tantan Tonkotsu and was blown away by both! Rich, deep flavors in the broth & nice toppings. Compared with the very few dishes I've had previously, they were rich and delicious to the last drop, even as leftovers. I plan to be a regular visitor. After reading a few comments here, I'm not even sure I want to try Bone Daddies now, but probably will at least once.

I was planning on lunch at Mirch Masala, 111-113 Commercial Rd Thursday as I'd eaten there before thanks to recs here. Just a heads-up - it's closed at least for now because of a fire. I went across the street to Lahore Kebab House, which I found to be quite unremarkable; it's unlikely I'll return. I'd much rather return to Gram Bangla & hope to find the delicious quail in whole spiced sauce.

I'm in the S Ken area but wander for food & small holes-in-walls are places I like to find. I like bold, full flavors of many countries, and prefer generally to avoid pretentious, or dressy places as I'm a rather casual person. If anyone's up for company eating out, let me know and I'll try to do that!

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  1. Shame you didn't like Lahore. I think it's probably not quite as good as it used to be. It has become a bit of a factory, it's huge in there now! That said, I still enjoy their lamb chops.

    Maybe next time you can try Tayyab's or Needoo Grill (both near Lahore/Mirch Masala) for your fix.

    Bone Daddies is good, as is Tonkotsu as is Ittenbari, for ramen. I couldn't pick a favourite. Tonkotsu have probably the richest broth. It's like eating liquid pork. Bone Daddies is the hipster ramen place of choice, maybe not quite as good as Ittenbari/Tonkotsu. Really spoiled for choice for ramen in Soho.

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      Thanks, Loobs; I almost tried the lamb chops at Lahore but still too many other places to investigate. I'll definitely be trying the ramen suggestions.