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Oct 26, 2013 09:07 PM

Where to for Chinese baby eel dishes?

My father has a special request on his upcoming visit to the city: baby eel at a chinese restaurant. He lived in SoHo in the 70s and ate out mostly in chinatown, so this is probably an old favorite.

The only trouble is I'm having a hard time finding it on menus. I see that Tang Pavilion has baby eel as a cold appetizer, so we'll probably head there. But if anyone has seen it elsewhere, I'm all ears.

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  1. Shanghai restaurants in Chinatown serve it

    1. Huh. Thanks, AubWah. But I am not seeing it listed in the menus online.

      I checked:
      Shanghai Cafe
      Joe's Shanghai
      Nice Green Bo
      Shanghai Asian Cuisine
      Shanghai Asian Manor
      Shanghai Heping
      Full House Cafe
      456 Shanghai

      Eel is pretty common, but baby eel is not listed. Does it go by another name?

      1. Now I'm just plain confused. I called Nice Green Bo, who said that their crispy eel dish is baby eel.