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Smoked Salt: What do you use it for?

A complete novice about smoked salt. I have seen them, and I smelled them, and I have almost bought them, which means I have never used them. I have smoked food, and I have use salt all the time, but never used smoked salt.

For you experts and semi-experts in smoked salt, what and how do you use them? Thanks for sharing your experience. Thanks.

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  1. I use it in any dish where I would be adding salt, and want some smoke. Hmmm... that sounds a bit obvious, sorry. I use it quite a bit and make my own. I also use it for rimming margarita's.

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      True, true. But here is what I was thinking when I was pondering to buy the smoke salt or not. Under normal conditions for regular dishes, I probably don't need the smoke favor, so I will use normal salt. For dishes which I want smoke flavor like smoked salmon or barbecue pork, then I feel I should acquire the smoke favor from real smoking and not by merely adding smoked salt or smoke liquid.

      I assume there must be some middle cases. I am trying to imagine some cases. Thanks.

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        I don't have any smoked salt handy, but I'd use it on stovetop burgers, steaks and the like. I like the crust you get from cooking on a flat surface, but I also like the smokiness you get from grilling; seasoning with smoked salt might give you the best of both worlds. I have some liquid smoke that I use in chili, salmon cakes, and a few other dishes; I imagine smoked salt would work for those as well.

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          Thanks. These suggest make good sense.

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        How do you make your own? I am tempted to just put a tray of kosher salt in my smoker. Is that what you did?

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          In the smoker, on a top rack, on top of a large coffee filter or one layer of paper towel. Make sure salt (or sugar) is only around 1/4" layer.

      3. We went for tapas and ordered a roasted cauliflower dish that was AMAZING. Honestly, we were eating crazy inventive stuff, and the cauliflower was our favorite. It was roasted, with smoked salt. That's it. So that's what we use smoked salt for now. =) Roasted cruciferous vegetables. Not to be too hyperbolic, but it's transformative.

        1. Off the top of my head:

          On homemade pizza.
          Sprinkled over cucumber slices--this is one of my go-to snacks.
          Over fish
          In spaghetti carbonara, where the smokiness complements the bacon well.
          over roasted vegetables, especially sweet potatoes.

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            +1 for the cucumbers, my snack too.

            I also put it on hard boiled eggs.

          2. I like to sprinkle it on nuts. Plus, a few dashes in cottage cheese makes it magical. A friend of mine likes a shake or two in a mug of beer -- go figure.

            1. Bought a bag of coarse sea salt at little Asian market (very inexpensive) & decided to try to smoke it myself... no serious $ to lose, so wth!?! I have one of those stove-top smokers... like Emeril used when he had his show. Salt came out kinda "dirty" looking and I didn't know if it actually smoked. I put it in an air tight container and first time I opened the smokiness was very noticable.

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                < I have one of those stove-top smokers... >

                Me too. I have a stovetop smoker, and I thought of that, but I worry that I won't able to do it right.

              2. I bought the smoked salt from Maldon and love the stuff! I only use it as a finishing salt, but have loved it in my butternut squash soup, added to a blah storebought hummus, in a lentil wild rice pilaf..... Of the various flavored salts i have purchased this is the only one i buy over and over.

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                  The Maldon is the only smoked salt I have tried for home use as well, and I also love it. Like you, Ttrock, I use it for finishing - generally in the past months for tomatoes, but on eggs as well. I was wondering if I just liked the Maldon texture, over the smokiness, so just had a taste...yep, I do like that very subtle smoke.

                  Lately, too, we've been using it for dessert. A favored sweet around here has been a slice of toast with lemon curd, sprinkled with Maldon smoked salt. The slight smoke with the lemon curd is very nice.

                  1. re: cayjohan

                    I tried a few other smoked salts and some were wayyy overwhelming or just a big chunky sea salt grain that would crunch, so i'm sticking to the Maldon- the toast combo sounds amazing! Decent tomatoes are now sparse on the east coast...:/

                2. I use smoked salt in a BBQ rub recipe that I got from a Steven Reichlen bookbook, but I have trouble finding it in the store. Target used to have it as a store brand but it must not have sold too well because I have not seen it there for years. I resorted to making my own smoked salt. The first time I did it on a smoker, but it was basically just dirty salt because it had some ashes mixed in. Then I took a box of Morton's Kosher Salt and sprinkled liquid smoke on it and dried it in the oven. That worked ok, but it has to be watched so it doesn't become a brick.

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                    <The first time I did it on a smoker, but it was basically just dirty salt because it had some ashes mixed in. >

                    Good point.

                  2. My fave. I use smoked alder salt and use it mostly as a finishing salt on eggs, salads and brownies. I recently made some smores and finished it with the smoked salt....yumm

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                      My favourite as well. Love it on butterscotch brownies and chocolate chip cookies, tempura-battered anything, deviled eggs...

                    2. For everyone here who is using smoked salt, where exactly are you purchasing the smoked salt?

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                      1. re: John E.

                        I can find it in whole foods, the gourmet groceries and a few other places in nyc, last time i ordered from amazon and split the shipment with a friend:

                        1. re: John E.

                          The last time I was at Mississipp Market (7th street location) they had Maldon smoked salt (but not the regular Maldon).

                          1. re: Pwmfan

                            I remember checking the store on Selby, but that was over a year ago. I'll check again and the next time I'm around 7th, I'll check that out as well. Thanks.

                          2. re: John E.

                            Salish Alderwood Smoked salt from Market Spice, you can purchase from them online. Great stuff!

                          3. I get mine at a small specialty store near my home. I love it in this dry rubbed chicken recipe, I just sub it in for the kosher salt:
                            I also just used it for roasting pumpkin seeds. Quite tasty!

                            1. I often eat toast with melted cheese and avocado. I then sprinkle some smoked salt on top for a bit of extra flavour.


                              1. I have some smoked salt that is mixed with chiles de arbol (small flakes). I use it to season a roast before putting it in the crock pot. Lovely on top of brownies. I add it to stews and chiles. Sprinkled on steamed or roasted veggies. Everything really. I also have a plain hickory smoked salt. Excellent on potatoes of any sort. Popcorn, corn on the cob, garlic bread. Love the stuff.

                                  1. re: YvonneChristine

                                    OOHH Good idea! With pureed fire-roasted peppers or tomatoes... YUM

                                  2. Bought a bottle of Hickory Smoked Sea Salt. Although the bottle is small, I have a feeling that it will take me a long time to go through it. Thanks for all the recommendations.

                                    (It smells nice).

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                                      Once you start using it you will find a ton of uses for it. My home made stuff is the #2 salt I use in the kitchen. And #1 I use in the bar.