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Oct 26, 2013 08:29 PM

Lunch place near Newseum or Georgetown

Looking for a place for lunch on a Monday. Family staying near the Newseum and in Georgetown and will meet at the restaurant chosen. Anything in between? Stay in Georgetown? It has been years since my last trip to D.C. and I am at a loss to choose a place.

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  1. You should do a search as this is asked quite often, and without more parameters from you (like number of people, price, etc) it's hard to give you useable advice.

    If you wanted high(er) end there's always Rasika, Jaleo or Fiola for example.

    Something more casual might be District of Pi or maybe even a place like Luke's.

    Just sort of depends what your parameters are ...

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Georgetown = yawn (mostly, there are exceptions)

      otherwise a ditto to ipsedixit

    2. Central. The fried chicken is other-worldly good. Check out the menu:‎

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          I agree---Central is a great choice for lunch.

          You don't say what your price range is or what your "family" entails (are there children, elderly people, adventurous eaters etc). But in general Central usually works for everyone.

          Right next the the Newseum is The Source which is great for a high end lunch. They also have a lunch pre-fixe menu (which includes a discount on the Newseaum itself).

          Osteria Elisir is a new blocks from the Newseum and also a great option for delicious Italian small plates.

          For something more casual---if you head up to Gallery Place/Chintatown you can go to California Tortilla, Clyde's, or Hill Country BBQ.

          In Georgetown I personally really like Peacock Cafe for lunch. I have found this place fits all tastes.