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Oct 26, 2013 07:51 PM

Neopolitan pizza on the upper west side.

Can anyone suggest any really good pizza on the uws as good as Keste?


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  1. Your best bet might be a Kesté’s off-shoot in Don Antonio.

    Not UWS, but close enough in Midtown (50th/8) depending on how "upper" on the west side you are.

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      Thanks so much ipsedixit but I really do need to be uptown for this one for a friend. I live in the village and love Keste and all the other wonderful places to get great pizza downhere. So I've checked out Celeste and it gets pretty good reviews. What do you think?

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          Thanks again. I think I will have to manage my expectations on the uws. It's unfortunate but the food up there is just not up to par.

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        I don't believe Don Antonio is an offshoot of Keste, but the New York branch of a very well known pizzeria in Naples called Starita.I've been to both, and they are exactly the same-delish! But not exactly your desired location

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          Don Antonio refers to Keste as its sister restaurant on Facebook:

          And Keste also refers to Don Antonio as its sister restaurant on Facebook:

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            From what I understand, Kesté's Caporuscio and his mentor Antonio Starita is the team behind Don Antonio. Starita being, from what I understand, sort of like the Godfather of pizza in Naples.

            In any event, I really enjoy Don Antonio, but unfortunately for the OP it's out of her range.

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              Thanks for the info. And you're right why go to hell's kitchen when I have keste in the hood.

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            Yes I believe you are right and I've been to both as well. I tend to like Keste better than Don Antonio but then it's a lot more convenient for me. Have you ever had pizza at Sorbillo in Naples. Chef at Keste calls him "the master". Thanks for all your info.

        2. Buca? Maybe not amazing, but I'd manage my expectations for UWS Naples style pie.

          1. I think Fratelli La Bufala on 76 and broadway is your best option..

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              Is this a branch of the Salerno group? If so, do they serve any pizza in the style of Salerno? I happen to like it better than Neapolitan.

            2. Número 28? We think it's very good.

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                Thanks so much for your suggestion. We have one downtown also. Pretty good. Truthfully I'm leaning toward Celeste since it gets the best reviews in nymag. and nyt. Any comments anyone.

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                  I don't think I've ever had pizza at Celeste. I think they are more about pasta (my opinion anyway) though I'm often with people who order fish there and they really like that. Celeste is often very crowded (don't think they take reservations). And especially early, they are very family focused. It's also a really tight space.

                  If you're looking for somewhere not specifically pizza, what about Cotta? Or Machiavelli?

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                    We actually have our hearts set on pizza. We both love Margarita's and my friend is leaving for 3 weeks in India where pizza is not exactly a treat! Thanks for these suggestions though. We'll try them at another time. I'll try and write a review of Celeste if that's were we wind up. Love the conversation.

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                      So it seems that Celeste is only open for lunch on the weekends so your suggestions are really welcome. I think we're going ot go to Machiavelli. thanks again.

                      1. re: annmorris

                        They have live music there which is just lovely (but that might only be the evenings). If you like wine, they have a really good nebbiolo (sp?) by the glass. Hope you have an enjoyable time.

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                          Thanks so much. We'll be there for lunch.

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                        So we had our margarita's at Machiavelli. Acceptable but certainly not Keste. Next time I'm going to try Buca further uptown. Thank you everyone for your feedback,

                  2. I've heard good things about Buca on 103rd between Broadway and Amsterdam. Anyone know if it's comparable to Keste?

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                      Will keep that in mind should I need something uptown again.

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                        See the two links I've posted above for some commentary and photos. Looks pretty solid.

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                          It's decent. From what I remember, the crust is great, but the sauce is bland.

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                            BTW, sorry I didn't notice the indefatigable Kathryn's mention of Buca.