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Oct 26, 2013 06:27 PM

Lins Family Chinese in New City NY-Food Good but Communication Poor

Been going to Lins Family for years, and usually the food is great. Tonight we had a problem though. The man taking phone orders did not understand well. I had to repeat things a few times until he understood. But that's okay, he finally got the order. One dish we had ordered was a quart of beef & broccoli (spicy), and this is supposed to come with white rice. But there was no rice.

I called the restaurant, and the same man who spoke poor English answered. When I told him we just picked the food up and there was no rice for the beef and broccoli, he thought that I was ordering a Combination Plate of Beef & Broccoli with fried rice! I kept telling him that I was not placing an order, that we already picked our food up and he forgot the rice. He kept thinking that I was trying to order either fried rice, or a combination plate with fried rice. He just didn't get it! Which means, I didn't get any rice! Because it got annoying to keep having to explain to this man. I never got an "I'm sorry", I never got a "we'll deliver rice". After a few minutes of me trying to explain that they forgot to give us rice, my husband yelled that I should "hang up because we'll pick up fifty cents of rice someplace else tomorrow." So, I hung up. I ate my Beef & Broccoli with leftover whole wheat ziti, which we had in the refrigerator. Fusion cooking, I guess! Tomorrow, I'll have to go buy rice someplace to go with my leftovers.

So, my critique is not of the food, which is fine, it's of the customer service, or lack thereof. I think someone who speaks English well should be on hand. Expect problems ordering and communicating, unless this guy is replaced, which would be wonderful.

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