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Oct 26, 2013 05:54 PM

Union Market in NE DC

Not much yet on Chowhound about Union Market so I will get the ball rolling with this thread.

Union Market is off Florida Ave between 5th and 6th Sts, NE, and is an upscale market where you can mostly buy prepared foods to eat there or take away. Some places are just flat out restaurants, and some are take-out /markets.

I bought some green beans and herbs from the lone vegetable stand, Almaala Farms. Although the prices were not marked (you have to ask), it was not a complete ripoff.

Smoked bluefish and smoked tofu from Neopol Savory Smokery. Fish is exceptional, tofu is too intense.

French baguette (there are two other kinds of baguette in case you were wondering) from Lyon Bakery - very good.

Pint of peppermint Ice cream from Trickling Springs Creamery - very good.

There was a pop-up for Toki Underground, maybe today was the last day (?). They were making only one kind of ramen, shoyu (soy sauce), which they do not offer at their restaurant. Unfortunately the noodles were terribly gummy. The stock was very nice, and the soft boiled egg served in the ramen was perfect as was the pork belly. The noodles are very good at their restaurant, so maybe it was the setup at Union Market that thwarted them.

I believe Toki Underground will start serving lunch at their restaurant starting in a week (info courtesy of If it is the shoyu ramen, I hope at least they can fix the noodle problem.

It's an interesting place to visit, and I took the opportunity to visit A. Littieri on Morse St., NE for a few jars of Cento brand tomato products that I can't find elsewhere.

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  1. A. Littieri on Morse St., NE, yep a great place for quite a lot of food stuffs. The rest of Union market, IMHO, mostly a great clean stop for tourist, or those with lots of money. At least until a Whole Foods arrives.

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    1. re: RobertM

      Have you tried New Young's Deli? Excellent bulgogi, jap chae, and soups. Cheap.

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        Humm, next time I'm in the area I will have to check em out.

    2. I've had really good stuff from Neopol, including smoked mussels, smoked salmon, bagel and cream cheese, and a savory cheese tart. Really high quality, worth the money.

      I have been curious to try the sandwiches at Red Apron. They look promising.

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      1. re: hamster

        Red Apron is a local chain - not sure how extensive - but I've been a couple of times to the Merrifield location and have not been impressed with either the sandwiches or the charcuterie/cheeses.

        1. re: Steve

          Yeah, I saw your review a while back. The menu looked good. I'm still holding out hope.

          Have you tried Bub & Pop's on M Street yet? I've been very impressed there. Tried the feta sandwich and the bolognese parmesan.

      2. Thanks for posting this. We were just there a couple weeks ago for the Snallygaster Festival (I've been meaning to post about that, but work has been nuts), which was held in the parking lot.

        We wandered into the market after we were beered out and ended up with a humongous jar of Fallot mustard from Salt & Sundry (neat store). I need to go back sans beer fog to check out some more of the stuff you mentioned.

        1. Another visit to Union Market was not successful. The crabcake at Neopal Smokery has a nice flavor but is the consisteny of mashed potatoes.

          There is a biscuit-specialty popup which was doing a great business on a Sunday morning. 30 minute wait for a large biscuit with your choice of filling. I went for the pork with tomato which turned out to be like a shredded pork in tomato sauce. The filling was pretty bad. The biscuit was nothing special. I (or anyone else) could easily make a better biscuit at home.

          The 'el cheapo' saving grace was bagels to go from the mini-diner, Buffalo and Bergen. Sign says "NY Water Bagels." Nice size (not too large) and well crafted.

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          1. re: Steve

            I also enjoy the knishes from Buffalo and Bergen. Should you ever be there in the evening on a weekday, they are a nice place for a cocktail and snack.

            1. re: Steve

              With James's departure to Maketto, District Fishwife is head and shoulders above the rest at UM now. I tried the brisket at the BBQ Joint, which was fine but not worth a trip . ..

              1. re: Marty L.

                Especially with DCity Smokehouse right up Florida.

            2. As one of my co-worker who lives near there says, How do you get white folks to go to Trinidad? Sell them $12 bagels.

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              1. re: dinwiddie

                Pocketbook note: The bagels are $1 each at Buffalo and Bergen. I got one garlic, one sesame, one onion, and one black sesame togarishi (just like grandma used to make). All excellent.