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Oct 26, 2013 05:30 PM

Destination Dogs

I finally made it to Destination Dogs. Been meaning to for a long time. A friend of mine has been there and recommended the dogs and other sausages. They have a wide variety of offerings; similar to Hot Dougs in Chicago. One difference is that all of the sausages (except the frankfurter) are made in house. Doug's gets them from many sources. The dog is an 8/1 natural casing Sabrett prepared on a griddle. You can visit their site at

First I had the Cyclone which is their hot dog with mustard, chili, and onions. I omitted the onions. This dog was excellent and I'll go so far as to say that it was the best Sabrett I've had. Although I love the premium Hatfield and the Berk's dog served at Local Smoke, I prefer Sabrett to these brands provided it is prepared my favorite way. Which for a Sabrett is on the griddle. Like they do at Katz's, Papaya King, Gray's, and Boulevard Drinks. The bun here is by far the best bun I've had. It is their take on a French milk bread, or brioche. Very tasty and able to hold their various toppings without falling apart. Toasted and buttered and the right texture without being greasy. Just a fantastic hot dog bun.

The chili was also excellent. I had anticipated that the dog and bun would be very good based on what I heard but the chili far exceeded my expectations. Similar to North Jersey Texas Weiner chili but thicker and not as over the top with spicing. Overall a helluva dog and one of my favorites.

The bratwurst was also excellent. Made in house and a little different than your normal high quality brat from a pork store. This one is served on the same bun as the hot dog and topped with mustard, kraut (which was very good) and onions, which I again omitted. The bratwurst was veal and pork, nicely spiced with some black pepper, and coarsely ground. I loved it.

At this point my son (a Rutgers student who was at the library) joined me for a beer and a dog. My first dog had chili on half. It was so good I got another dog with chili on the whole thing. My son had the same.

Jimmy the owner was very cordial and great to talk to. I wish this place well and will be back soon. Great food, service, and beer selection.

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  1. I have eaten there once myself, and also enjoyed it. That was probably almost a year ago. I did not notice that they served beer during that visit, will have to make it a point to go again soon.

    1. very interesting....on my to go list now...I assume its in New Brunswick?

      101 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ

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      1. re: Tapas52

        No, that's Doll's Place. You want to go east a couple of blocks to Spring Street, a one-way going Southeast.

        1. re: GraydonCarter

          Actually, DD just moved into the old Doll's Place a couple months ago. I was just there a couple weeks, and also thought the food was great. I had the chorizo and the wild boar sausage - both delicious! And couldn't agree more with HotDogLover about how great the buns were. Can't wait to go back...

      2. Checked out the menu on the website; rather odd. All they serve are 2 dozen diferent tubular meats on buns. No appetizers, sides, beverages or desserts.

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        1. re: equal_Mark

          The website I looked at shows a full bar and a Coca Cola refrigerator in the pictures...and lists homemade sodas available. There's also a Supper Club that offers full course dinners by reservation once a month.

          1. re: equal_Mark

            They serve fries, with some different sauces and deviled eggs. The craft beer selection is good not great, but the whole restaurant definitely has a bar like atmosphere. I actually was there the same day as the OP, (later in the day) and enjoyed a wild boar sausage with broccoli rabe and provolone. Very good and look forward to returning. My only complaint is the parking situation in New Brunswick...

            1. re: cwdonald

              About parking: half a block away is the parking deck above the Fresh Grocer. If you buy at least $10 worth of stuff (at the Fresh Grocer) they will validate free parking for up to three hours.

          2. Very good review, and thank you...will have to get there soon...this week actually! LOL.

            1. I visited Hot Doug's this summer. Waited 45 minutes for an out of this world duck sausage and foie gras. Can't wait to check out DD ... so much closer to home.

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              1. re: jsfein

                Gonna hit DD today...will report back l8tr..

                1. re: Tapas52

                  Hi everyone reporting back as promised……..
                  =Mark & myself went to have dinner at Destination Dogs in New Brunswick last night.
                  Parking is a bit tricky in that area of town but we managed to find a meter 1 block away.
                  Nice little corner location and walking in to a nice hip cozy atmosphere…we were greeted and brought to a nice highboy window table, ….but after a few minutes we decided to sit at a nice 4top in the dining area for more comfort. Our waiter was friendly and very knowledgeable offering us the daily specials, which included
                  “PYTHON” Sausage!!! & a host of other interesting goodies that are not on the website menu which imo needs to be upgraded. They have a terrific Beer selection loaded with micro, imports, etc, etc, and wines paired with the amazing Hot Dog Selections.
                  We started with the devil eggs appetizer, which was very good and tasty, but I’ve had better. Then it was time to dig into the menu and start to decide which Dogs we wanted as we knew being only two we would have to choose wisely so we could get the most out of our experience there and try as many as possible.
                  We started with the HOWLAMO Pictured (Wild boar sausage, pork belly, chicharrones, baconaisse, and scallions) The rolls are really good and have a wonderful texture that can hold up to these custom dogs, I really enjoyed this one great flavor and a party in your mouth sausage was juicy and the toppings complimented the dog perfectly. Next we had the BUN MI Pictured ( Pork Sausage, Shaved Foi Gras, Pickled Vegetables, Jalepenos, Siracha Mayo & Cilantro) this one had a nice kick and amazing flavors as you can imagine from the ingredients. Next, The CHARLES DOG GAULLE (Duck sausage, duck confit, shaved foie gras, pickled mushrooms, cornichons & Dijon mustard) what can I say simply amazing!!…NOTE: we cut each hot dog in half as to be able to have a taste of all… in total we ate 8 different selections…lol….I will let Mark tell you about the the rest of our choices which were pretty much ALL Delicious. If you’re a hotdog/sausage lover Destination Dogs is a must on your list to try…I for one will definitely return for more when I’m in the area….enjoy!!

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    To round out our tasting of the housemade sausage we had The Oscar (Chicken Sausage with Avacado, Cabbage, Tomato, Chipotle Mayo & Scallions), out waiter said this was the most popular dog they serve, and it was pretty tasty.

                    We decided to wrap up the meal by checking out some of their all beef hot dogs. We split a Cyclone (All beef hot dog with chili, onions, and spicy brown mustard). And the Chicago Bull (All beef hot dog with onions, tomato, pickle, green relish, sport peppers and yellow mustard).

                    I've never been a fan of chili on a hot dog (It's never even spicy), but it seemed the most minimalist of specialty dogs they offer. It was pretty good. As for the Bull Dog, What were claimed as "sport peppers," actually came out as a fatter, thicker skinned yellow pepper with little noticeable heat. Add to that the fact that the kitchen that had been cutting the hot dogs in half for us had failed to cut the large pickle spear that ran the whole length of the dog resulted in our mutilating the piled up toppings. It still tasted good tho once the toppings were shoveled back on...

                    As Tapas mentioned above the menu at the restaurant is more extensive than the online one. The specialty hot dogs are divided into "Domestic" and "International" selections. There are also some specials offered like the Python sausage dog as well as separate house made sausage and
                    Charcuterie platters and sides of deviled eggs, cole slaw, macaroni salad and baked beans.

                    The website really needs work. The menu text on the stationary image of the bar in the background is difficult to read (Tapas had to go to Yelp to find the address). To top it off there were no takeout menus available that I could take home and scan (Not a great marketing move in a big college town).

                    As the location has only been open a couple months some glitches are to be expected, and these seem minor. The service was great and the atmosphere itself is warm and inviting with a comfortable bar and a view of the street out front. It's a nice inexpensive meal that is a cut above the average hot dog joint.