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Oct 26, 2013 05:29 PM

Hole in the wall inside Kam Fung mall

We parked in the underground lot at Kam Fung today in Chinatown. Took elevator to RC then got lost (its a mini-mall maze). Ended up at HSBC bank and turned around.
Stumbled across a micro restaurant (about 2 tables) with promising noodle and northern-style meat dishes as well as scallion pancake, dumplings, and "Chinese hamburger" (a la pork sandwich @ Maison du Nord).
These items were displayed picture-style on a huge sign in the hall.

Heres the catch; we had other business in Chinatown and could not stop in and sample their fare.

It has a Chinese name and an English name like "Mary & Dobie" or something.
If you enter from St. Urbain, theres Kam Fung on right, BBQ counter on left. This place is further in, hall turns left and its about 100' down on right.
Anyone try it?

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  1. I think I know which place you're talking about, if it's on the ground floor. I've had their scallion pancakes, which were quite good.

    1. > you enter from St. Urbain, theres Kam Fung on right, BBQ counter on left

      that's not Kam Fung that's "Dobe and Andy"

      I have no idea what's the name of that little hole you are talking about, but I've walked past it a few times

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      1. re: Ghostquatre

        You're right, Dobe&Andy.
        Strange though, the same name is etched on the glass right next to the hole-in-the-wall - thats what I meant by "Mary & Dobie" or something"

        1. re: porker

          Ive been several times. Its not as small as you think, there are atleast 10 tables or more. The prices are soo cheap its crazy, and the food is not bad. I usually get the bbq pork on rice, or sometimes this soup with bbq pork and yellow noodles, both are about 5$.

          1. re: jay_81k

            Man this thread is confusing.

            I think Porker was talking about the northern hole being very small, not Dobe and Andy (BBQ pork on rice)

            Or do they have BBQ pork at the northern hole as well?

            1. re: Ghostquatre

              "Man this thread is confusing."

              I think that's the theme porker established in his original post. It's good that people are sticking to it.

                1. re: porker

                  Lets get the confusion out of the way: the place originally referred to is not Dobe & Andy (which specializes in char siu), but another place selling northern style chinese noodles dishes and the soya-pork sandwich (which they call a chinese hamburger) and which looks like the attached photo.