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Oct 26, 2013 04:56 PM

Is there a word for this?

When you drop a bag of pomegranate seeds or a carton of blueberries (or whatever spheroid edible object) onto the floor, the majority of those seeds or berries inevitably and invariably find their way into crevices that are impossible to reach.

Is there a word for that?

If so, please tell me because I need to complete this thought:

"Fuck, I hate _____!"

Thank you.

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  1. herbivorous rat-in-the-hole?

        1. re: zeldaz51

          Yeah, that's the word and it is EVERYWHERE!

        2. Challenge accepted! Merging gluttony into the bowling mishap, the gutterball, I submit for your consideration: glutterballs.

          1. Yeah, it's called "mouse food." No problem for people like former vice presidents who have illnesses like atrial fibrillation, and are on Coumadin/warfarin therapy. You just crush up one of your pills and slip it into the cracks with the offending "mouse food". Did you know that warfarin is America's #1 selling rat poison???*

            *Do not do this if children or pets are resident in the home!!!

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            1. re: Caroline1

              <Did you know that warfarin is America's #1 selling rat poison???*>

              Per it's Wiki entry (taken with the usual grain of...) Warfarin is declining in use, being surpassed by other coumarins that are more lethal and to which the rats aren't yet resistant, as they are to Warfarin.

              But if isn't today, it sure was!