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Oct 26, 2013 03:47 PM

Best linguini and clam sauce?

I haven't been able to find old school good quality linguini in a white clam sauce. Is it still out there? In Boston?

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  1. iirc this was a recent question, so try a search (upper right box on this page).

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    1. Rino's in Eastie, well worth the wait. Glad to be of assistance.

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      1. re: treb

        Rino's food is indeed fresh, well-executed and generously-plated. And the staff used to be genuine: relaxed, friendly and welcoming.

        Since I've lived within a 20-minute drive to Rino's for years, I have visited often. But word has gotten out, both locally and nationally, about this quintessentially Italian-American gem. The front-of-house staff has become surly with the increasing crowds, and are a bit full of themselves since fame hit.

        We had houseguests who love good Italian at the end of June, so decided on Rino's. I called for a reservation for six people 24 hours prior, but they weren't honoring reservations that weekend. We joined the queue and provided a name about 5:00. And though it was nice to be able to hang out across the street at their satellite bar for snacks and drinks, we waited three hours to be told it would be at least another hour before we were seated. We decided on takeout instead, but takeout was running an hour or more as well. We waited for takeout, the food was divine but...really?

        Rino's clearly is experiencing growing pains. I suspect they'll work it out. In the meantime, if you like to explore Boston neighborhoods you could do worse than roaming around East Boston for a while. Rino's will call you when you're reservation is ready.


        1. re: rosiebcook

          I wouldn't wait 4 hours to eat at Rino's if my meal was served on gold platters by the Rockettes doing a naked chous line through the dining room...

          We'll maybe if they were solid gold platters.

          1. re: ac106

            I cannot imagine waiting for 4 hours at any restaurant in Boston.

            1. re: C. Hamster

              Hate to pile on here but i dont think i have ever had food anywhere that was worth waiting four hours for.

              1. re: C. Hamster

                i cannot imagine waiting 4 hours at any restaurant.

                1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                  4 would almost need to eat a meal before they got in the queue to eat a meal.

              2. re: ac106

                Especially linguini with clam sauce.

              3. re: rosiebcook

                True, I hate Guy Moneyman and his circus. I do frequent Rino's often, I wait in line when they open, generally on a Sat, and get in by 4pm. The owner and staff have always been friendly, never surly. I hope they never expand, it'll never be the same if they do. As for the reservation process, they are booked months out so I prefer to forgo that process and wait in line, much easier. I think the OP would enjoy Rino's

                1. re: treb

                  i wouldn't wait 4 hours to eat ANYWHERE.


                  i have had very good linguine with white clam sauce at il panino on parmenter st. yes, also tiny, but knows better than to run a 4-hour wait.

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    The last time I opted to go later and wait, it was an hour on a Sat. I wouldn't wait 4 hours for anything, my patients is too thin!

                  2. re: treb

                    But they have expanded, renovating the original restaurant and purchasing property across the street to make the insane wait somewhat easier. And they're not booked "months out." I would never recommend Rino's to a visitor to Boston, as half their day would be taken up on an East Boston sidewalk rather than enjoying so much more of what Boston has to offer.


                    1. re: rosiebcook

                      I go for lunch and am often seated right away. A night it's a far different story admittedly.

                      1. re: rosiebcook

                        Not really, their place across the street only offers bar style pizza, apps, beer and wine, it's not a full service restaurant. The original restaurant is still the same table layout. When I talk expansion, I mean to quadruple + their current size, that I believe would be the beginning of the end. A great example of that IMO, is Santarpio's in Danvers, I've been a few times and will never go back. Rino's begins each month by taking reservations 8 weeks out, i.e. if it's Nov 1 they're taking reservations for Jan. Unfortunately, 'cus of Guy and FN, most people waiting in line are from out of town. I go early with the intent, like under 60 minutes, of minimal wait time. if you go say at 6pm on a Sat, you're going to have a long wait, not worth it for me. I still think they offer an outstanding Linguini and Clams entrée.

                2. I know its a little off topic but I just made my own using:
                  " An enhanced 'Julia Della Croce' recipe of Chopped Anchovies, Minced garlic galore, fresh BC pasta clams, chili flakes, chopped Parsley, Pinot Grigio, Clam juice, EVOO and lots of freshly cracked black pepper."
                  Result tasted better than a lot of restaurant versions stretching from San Fran to NYC and over to Italy!!
                  Pretty easy to make as well! Thought I might share this idea/recipe.

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                    1. re: Bellachefa

                      Arugala??!! Interesting?! Never tried a version with this added? Anywhere serving this or is it your own invention?

                      Spaghetti/Linguine alle Vongole is my favourite pasta so I tried eating it where and whenever possible. Have had versions in Naples, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, NYC. San name a few, but never a version with Arugala!! Have to give it a try! Thanks!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        adds a bit of color, an herbal texture and a nice peppery bite when tossed into the pasta at the last minute.. btw when I don't have wine opened, a splash of vermouth or a splash of vodka works quite well. I also like a scoopful of chopped clams when they are available to the littlenecks. haven't done the anchovie but imagine it would add a bit of umami fish sauce thang.

                        1. re: Bellachefa

                          I like a few mashed white anchovies myself, vs the salted canned ones. Arugala is an interesting non-traditional twist.

                    2. re: Charles Yu

                      Anchovies. AHA! that's exactly what my attempt needed last time.Cook and smush 'em down in the reducing juices to thicken and add dimension to the sauce. Thank you :-}

                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                        You could also use bottarga for a Sardinian version.

                    3. Thanks everyone. That link was perfect. Great suggestions.