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Oct 26, 2013 03:45 PM

How to innovate this classic pasta dish?

Trying to expand my horizons with food; how they're paired with other foods and plated! Now that fall has arrived, I wanted to make acorn squash ravioli with prosciutto and mornay sauce. Sounds mediocre and the plating wouldn't be too pretty. Anyone got any ideas to innovate this dish? Rather than the usual brown butter sage sauce or what I had?
Any plating or garnishing tips?

Thank you!

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    I like the 7 variations on this page for the mornay sauce. also I'd like a little bit of subtle heat to this typical mornay by adding a pinch of red pepper flakes in my tea ball letting it steep a few minutes then yanking from the sauce. smooth sauce sans tiny bites of peppers.
    what's your recipe if you don't mind posting for the filling of acorn squash? also fresh cut tiny pieces of either chives or scallion greens to top finished product.

    1. Push it in an Asian direction. Make a sauce with galanga or fresh ginger, lemon grass, and coconut milk as the main flavor contributors. And of course, Thai basil wilted into it at the last minute. I'd have to experiment to figure out what else might go into it.

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        That takes from bland to woohooooooooooo! Love it.

      2. For plating a pile of wilted/sauteed greens, the ravioli ontop and around, chopped fine chives/chervil/green onion, and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds would be a pretty fall plate. Or you could serve the sauce in a pretty container on the side to pour at the table

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        1. When I saw "Squash" and "Mornay" I reacted negatively. Heavy on heavy. And I love that you ruled out brown butter / sage. Perfect combo but been-there-done-too-many-times. I like the tang, crisp and salt from a fried prosciutto to balance.. that gives it jump. So now what? white wine.. chicken stock... veal stock (cuz i always have so much of THAT on hand (as.if.))

          Okay. I'm going to brown garlic in olive oil. I'm going to add prosciutto just before it's brown.. they will both release and carmelize.. i'm gonna add white wine to stop the heat and start reducing. i'm going to add a small amount of shallot. nope. do that before the prosciutto so it's not sharp. now i'm adding chicken stock (shrimp stock?) and letting this reduce. Cream. not a ton. not enough to tighten that much liquid probably. Now that I think of it I think you need more prosciutto so it's actually not "flavored" by but actually part of the dish. The sauce now just needs to "moisten" and not "cover". finger pokes. season. (make sure diners aren't looking). Fresh herbs- to go with squash I think oregano or chervil or basil. on the plate, spoon the sauce, shred the parm (surfer term??) and then some more chopped green herbs for color / brightness.

          stream of consciousness cooking is awesome!

          1. How about a lightish tomato sauce and some fresh baby spinach, pine nuts (or toasted pecans) and feta tossed in at the last minute?