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Oct 26, 2013 03:27 PM

Aladdin on Lee Highway

Has anyone, other than Tyler Cowen, been to Aladdin -i.e., the rather new restaurant that serves food from Bengladesh (in the space formerly occupied by Deshi Spice)?

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  1. Well, we decided to just check it out without any 'hound input; we're glad we did.

    The place is very bare bones. Styrofoam plates/cups and plastic utensils. Regardless, the food is very tasty, the staff very cordial, and the cost hard to beat.

    We started with an intensely fragrant Masala tea and a mango lassi with chunks of fruit large enough to regularly clog the straw.

    First food was a chick pea and egg concoction (with some tomato and potatoes). The texture and flavors were spectacular, even without the chilis (which the chef reserved without us asking - a good call given the presence of our young daughter).

    Then we had the lamb biryani. Much of the meat was still on the (small) bones; it tasted fantastic. The rice was a little oily but very tasty. We also had the aloo palak - a stew of spinach, potatoes, and cheese. They asked if we wanted extra cheese and, on reflection, we probably should have asked for it - nonetheless, the dish was fragrant and filling even without it.

    This is one of those places where you can't help but think 'oh man, this is going to be good' after walking through the front door and being hit by the smells emanating from the kitchen. We'll be back. There's quite a bit more to try on the menu.

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      1. I went to Aladdin today for the weekend brunch buffet and enjoyed it immensely. The $10 buffet included (1) scrambled eggs with onions and peppers, (2) shredded potatoes with turmeric and curry powder, peppers & onions, (3) a vegetable medley (Shobjee Bhajee), and (4) a lentil dish which were both perfectly cooked and creamy, (5) a beef curry and (6) a chicken tandori, (7)naan, (8) rice (9) a sweet dessert and tea. The $10 price included taxes. This was delicious, comfort food and an excellent value. My mouth was very happy.
        The regular menu is online at!food_m...