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Oct 26, 2013 02:35 PM

Dry Christmas Cake Help

Need help...i'm from Panama, where its extremely humid 365 days a year. I've made my grandmother's christmas cake over there and it comes out suuuper moist...almost fudgy...the recipe is pretty basic, flour, eggs, sugar, oil, leavener, and half of the candied fruits (which have been soaking for decades in brandy) are pureed and added to the mix. When I make it in New York in the winter, it comes out suuuuuuper dry. I even had my mom come here and make it and she couldn't figure out why it came out so dry.

Any suggestions on what I can do to make it the same other than flying to Panama and baking it over there?

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  1. Try using less flour than the recipe calls for, and more booze. That ought to do the trick. Also, be sure to wrap it tightly while it is aging.

    1. Part of it might be due to altitude. Baking temp needs to be adjusted when going above sea level. Also, the humidity might be affecting the weight of the ingredients (sugar and flour).

      1. Is it dry when first from the oven, or do you let it sit for awhile before eating? If so, you might try storing in a "damp box" ... wrap the cake, then put into a larger plastic container and put in a few drops of water .. do this every time you open the box. Its what I do in Phoenix to keep brown sugar moist.

        1. I can't add much as all of these hints gained a recommend. I'd say add more of the fruit to the mix and amp up your butter to the already added oil. can you post the recipe so we can better help?

          1. Pierce holes right through it with a skewer and pour over some whisky or whiskey or rum or brandy and leave to soak.