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Oct 26, 2013 02:10 PM

Obika Century City Opinions?

Was thinking about hitting this location up tonite. Got a craving for some good burrata, wine, and maybe some pasta or pizza.

Anyone have any experiences to share? Similar or different to the one in the Beverly Center? I noticed the Century City location has a more expanded menu.

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  1. I went for lunch once. It was quite good. Nothing mind-blowing but solid thin crust pizzas with fine cheeses and meats. Never tried a pasta.

    [I inadvertently recommended this thread - I have no idea how I did it or how I can undid it]

    1. formidable strengths:
      all their cheeses, greens, lasagnetta (sp?--best version of this dish i've had)

      cold bread, overcooked fish (really was too bad because the portion size and the freshness were there)

      caveat: since i don't eat meat, can't comment on the meats, but visually the charcuterie items look extremely good.

      1. I've been several times and I like it there. Pastas I've had are very good. If you're in the mood for is definitely the place to go. And their selection of Italian wines is quite good.

        1. I was just there last night. It's a pleasant spot, nice selection of wines by the glass, food is good but not amazing. I had the thin pasta with the pork ragu, and the portion was quite small. If you're hungry, it won't be enough to satisfy you. They definitely want you to order that secondo.

          1. Just got home from Obika. Cool little place. Good wines and cheeses. Really hit the spot.

            GF had the burrata and beet salad. Huge platter of spinach beets and burrata. She couldn't finish it, so I did. I started with the bufala mozzarella with anchovies, sundried tomatoes, and caponata. Paired with a Cabreo IGT Chardonay 2011. Really enjoyed that.

            Went with the tagliatini w/ pork ragu. I was worried about the portion comment, but this was substantial with tons of cheese. Paired with a Montepulciano d' Abruzzo DOC 2010. Rich, warm, and velevty, I enjoyed this pairing too.

            GF had the margherita pizza. I swear there's some red wine in that tomato sauce. She couldn't finish it, so I did. Interesting flavor in the crust. There's a bit of whole wheat in there giving it a bit of sweetness with a nice nutty flavor.

            Like I said, cool place. Didn't blow me away, though I wasn't expecting much. Just some good cheese and wine, which it satiated. Service was a little slow as the place started to pack them in. I'd stop in again if I happen to be in the area.