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Least expensive place to buy spice tins?

I'm looking to buy about 75 small metal spice tins. I don't need magnetic backings on them, since I intend to stick them to a magnet but they do need to be flat bottomed.

My ideal would be 2oz, 4oz and 8oz square tins with metal tops (not see-through) something like these: http://www.custommagneticspicerack.co... but round tins in similar sizes would also be fine (again, ideally not see-through tops).

I can find them from a variety of suppliers in the US for 60-75 cent per jar, but then shipping, even before brokerage fees ends up being prohibitively expensive. In kitchen stores where I've found them in Canada, they've run about $2.50-$3 each, which seems excessive.

I haven't had much luck finding them here, though, and I'm wondering if people know where they might be available. There weren't any at Tap Phong last time I looked. The ones I found at Creative packaging didn't have flat bottoms and the ones I found at Luv2pak were $3 each and not great sizes (I could have those two stores mixed up, since I often forget which is which). I feel like this is something Dollarama used to carry, but I haven't seen them there recently, either.

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  1. Did you try b&j trading when you went to tap phong? It's at spadina and Baldwin and they have a great selection of jars and tins. Not sure of the price points though. Maybe worth a look if you are in the area?

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      I did not, since I'm not familiar with it, but having Googled it, I shall definitely put it on my list of places to check out. Thank you!

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        I love that place. They are also the only place I have found that sell the spaghetti jar I had growing up as a kid!

    2. Recall seeing some at BulkBarn stores. Little India?

      1. Have you looked at Lee Valley Tools? A quick look at their online catalogue turned up these:

        1. I would try Dollarama
          they have a nice variety of jars and tins

          1. I got mine from Real Canadian Superstore (with magnetic backing) but I don't recall the price. Worth checking there and maybe IKEA has them too? (haven't looked but seems like something they might have).

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              IKEA has them, but unfortunately, they're fairly expensive -- $8 for a set of three.

              I'll check out Superstore, though. I don't need magnetic backing, but if they're a good price, I could work with that.

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                The one's I got from Superstore were like these ones at Canadian Tire... I think they sold them in packs that were cheaper... But, that was years ago. Quiet possible they have more variety now:


            2. I was looking for these a while ago. I think Michaels was the cheapest...but this is years old memories I"m trying to dig up. At the time, dollarama didn't have them, but they might now and that would be a better bet.

              If you do go to Michaels, sign up for their web email program before, I think I got a 15% off coupon for your first purchase.

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                Oh, interesting, that's definitely not one I would have thought of.

              2. I have a case of 250 8oz round tins, unopened. I would sell to you for $1 per tin.

                1. I'm not having any luck finding exactly what you wanted--square 4oz tins with metal lids (not see through). Did you find them? If so, I'd love some direction as to where to look.

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                    Unfortunately, other spending priorities arose before I ever found any spice tins that fit the bill. I checked Dollarama, Bulk Barn, Superstore, Michaels, B&J trading and a few dollar stores that weren't Dollarama and didn't find precisely what I wanted. Lee Valley and Little India are still on my list should this project ever come back to the top of my budget.

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                      Specialty Bottle has some at fair prices, should you choose to get them. I fulfilled two out of my three wishes, solid metal lid and 4 oz. Getting round tins instead of square isn't a huge loss; I was just trying to save space.

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                        they ship from the states so that would be of little use. you need to read the original post.

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                          The original post doesn't say shipping from the US is impossible. Specialty Bottle is cheap. Hold your tongue and think before you get snarky.

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                            Snarky? maybe yes but the op indicated they did not want to order from the states since the items will be very expensive.
                            for example 75 4oz tins from your suggestion

                            cost $54.75 us
                            Shipping $34.01 us
                            total-$88.76 us = 100.73 cdn

                            +duties 13 percent 113.83 cdn

                            Now this company will ship this to you using UPS and Ups will charge the following

                            entry prep charge $29 cdn
                            Bond Fees charge $50 cdn

                            for a total of $79 in brokerage fees, they may even charge tax on top of that as well

                            bringing your total to $192.83 cdn

                            Cost of each tin = $2.57

                            and the op has expressed that "$2.50-$3 each, which seems excessive"

                            so i still stand on my original statement.