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Oct 26, 2013 12:53 PM


Heard in the NPR about this restaurant in Portland and found the recipes very interesting and authentic. Certainly a place I would definitely go to when visiting Portland. They use mortal and pestle only, no food processor, which I can testify, makes a lot of difference in the taste. Check it out...

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  1. It's very hyped, almost too hyped. I liked my meal there but didn't love it.

    Issan style Thai is definitely growing in popularity, at least in NYC, where there's like 5-6 serving Issan Thai, including Pok Pok Brooklyn.

    1. just curious roro, why is this on the Hawaii Board?

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        Considering lots of islanders with connection to Portland as well as islanders love of thai food... so, this is for information only. I for sure will visit this place based on the information when I visit Portland. Good to know the place beforehand.

        1. re: roro808

          Be prepared for long waits at dinner time, especially weekends. We went late on a Wednesday, arrived at 9pm, were quoted 45 minutes, sat down at 9:50pm. I don't necessarily think its worth a 60-90 minute wait, which is what the weekend wait was when my friends tried to go.