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Is Dashi Inherently High Salt?

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I make my own dashi with katsuo bushi or with gauzy packets that have no msg. Is that dashi inherently high salt because of the katsuo bushi itself? I am sooo craving beef udon soup, now that it has become cold here in boston.

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  1. I make mine with just the flakes ( not a packet) but all that I see is 20 mg of sodium per serving. That is really minimal.

    1. Interesting question. I would look at the label for the bonito flakes. Mine has almost none (1%DV per serving). I am not sure all that cooks out when making the dashi either. The Kombu has more, but I can't believe that all cooks out. Recipes seem to say 10mg or so per serving, which does not sound unreasonable. One recipe listed it as a low sodium recipe.

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        hoorah, you 2! This is great. now i just have to get used to not adding my tamari/mirin mix.....(
        Th You much.

      2. Dashi made from katsuo flakes is not salty, in fact it is almost tasteless unless you add salt or soy sauce.

        1. The dashi I made is from fish flake and kombu (seeweed) and water. Not much salt in my case. In fact, very not-salted.

          1. Thx to all of you.i prob just convinced myself that it must be high salt because of all the other asian components that are- soy sauce, miso, fish sauce.... I know what i'm making tomorrow!

            1. The soup base for udon or somen usually includes soy sauce and either mirin or sake, in addition to dashi base. Sometimes people also add salt.