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Oct 26, 2013 12:51 PM

Is Dashi Inherently High Salt?

I make my own dashi with katsuo bushi or with gauzy packets that have no msg. Is that dashi inherently high salt because of the katsuo bushi itself? I am sooo craving beef udon soup, now that it has become cold here in boston.

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  1. I make mine with just the flakes ( not a packet) but all that I see is 20 mg of sodium per serving. That is really minimal.

    1. Interesting question. I would look at the label for the bonito flakes. Mine has almost none (1%DV per serving). I am not sure all that cooks out when making the dashi either. The Kombu has more, but I can't believe that all cooks out. Recipes seem to say 10mg or so per serving, which does not sound unreasonable. One recipe listed it as a low sodium recipe.

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        hoorah, you 2! This is great. now i just have to get used to not adding my tamari/mirin mix.....(
        Th You much.

      2. Dashi made from katsuo flakes is not salty, in fact it is almost tasteless unless you add salt or soy sauce.

        1. The dashi I made is from fish flake and kombu (seeweed) and water. Not much salt in my case. In fact, very not-salted.

          1. Thx to all of you.i prob just convinced myself that it must be high salt because of all the other asian components that are- soy sauce, miso, fish sauce.... I know what i'm making tomorrow!