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Oct 26, 2013 11:23 AM

Thanksgiving pick up in La Canada/ Pasadena/ Glendale?

Hey All - Kitchen is being remodeled and no cooking this Thanksgiving... Looking to pick up a full meal from somewhere preferably in the La Canada/ Pasadena / Glendale area, any suggestions on the best places that offer all the fixings for pick up?

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  1. We've done Gelsns in the past but everything had yo be reheated. Same for Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock. Will you be able to reheat?

    1. I've used Honeybaked b/f and found it tasty enough. Back when the Langham Huntington was known as the Ritz-Carlton, they used to offer a delicious (and pricey) prepared Thanksgiving meal.

      1. I think I saw a sign at Black Cow Cafe in Montrose this weekend with a pre-ordered Thanksgiving meal package. I don't remember the details but it sounded like what you might be looking for. Give them a call for details.

        1. Frank's Famous Kitchen

          Hands down better than the 3 suggestions so far.

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            I've never tried Frank's but it sounds like a good deal. How is their regular menu? Any recommendations?

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              No turkey experience but my neighbor gets sandwich platters from them for every holiday - and they are GREAT.

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                Well, everything I have ever had there is very good. And by good, I mean, I couldn't make it better myself, and I pride myself on being a good home cook. I haven't done Thanksgiving but I have been there for Mother's Day. Their quiches, mac n' cheese--all their sandwiches...I love the Dutch crunch rolls! Their dressings are home made. I used to use them to cater events at my son's previous elementary school when I was in charge of hospitality. People were always coming up to me asking where I got the food. So, I can honestly say that they know how to put a meal together. There was a Frank once upon a time but it is owned by Roger and Tracy. Roger is Cordon Bleu trained. Talk to Tracy. I can't guaranty that they can accommodate special requests but give it a shot. Their website is accurate, everything they say is true. They also sell Dr Bob's ice cream and an interesting variety of sodas. Their baked goods are delicious too!

            2. My dream is to get a whole, deep fried turkey with chinese sticky rice instead of stuffing for my Thanksgiving.

              Rumor has it that fu-shing in Pasadena does that. Can't find a full confirm online but, they do offer a deep fried whole chicken as a daily option, so maybe my hopes are true.


              I guess I'm just going to have to call them!