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Oct 26, 2013 10:28 AM

Recommendations from the freezer section of Trader Joe's???

I've been a fan of TJ's for years, but as we didn't have one in BR, I've had to purchase things that traveled, and have stayed away from the enticing frozen goodies. That will change on Halloween when our TJ's finally opens - in my neighborhood no less!

What should be my first purchases from the freezer section - meals, desserts, etc.? Thanks in advance the recommendations!

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  1. The pumpkin croissants were excellent. Husband likes the mochi. Frozen vegetables: string beans, Brussels sprouts, Dorot garlic and basil, bell pepper medley, artichoke hearts, kale. I really like the Chickenless strips.

    1. We have liked most of the pizzas we've tried, and also the Indian meals. Also, the various non-beef burgers -- salmon, turkey, etc.

      1. frozen mangoes - can't live without them!

          1. re: gnosh

            Great stuff that Paneer tikka masala!

            1. re: Dee S

              Ditto on the paneer masala! The fact that they actually took the time to give the rice half of the dish a nice spiced touch and mix it with spinach really ups the value of the meal for me!

              I always mix in a dollops Greek yogurt to stretch the sauce!

          2. Black bean and corn enchiladas
            Beef mini tacos
            Indian meals - lamb vindaloo, paneer tikka masala, etc
            Frozen garlic naan
            Mushroom turnovers
            Chocolate croissants