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Recommendations from the freezer section of Trader Joe's???

I've been a fan of TJ's for years, but as we didn't have one in BR, I've had to purchase things that traveled, and have stayed away from the enticing frozen goodies. That will change on Halloween when our TJ's finally opens - in my neighborhood no less!

What should be my first purchases from the freezer section - meals, desserts, etc.? Thanks in advance the recommendations!

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  1. The pumpkin croissants were excellent. Husband likes the mochi. Frozen vegetables: string beans, Brussels sprouts, Dorot garlic and basil, bell pepper medley, artichoke hearts, kale. I really like the Chickenless strips.

    1. We have liked most of the pizzas we've tried, and also the Indian meals. Also, the various non-beef burgers -- salmon, turkey, etc.

      1. frozen mangoes - can't live without them!

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            Great stuff that Paneer tikka masala!

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              Ditto on the paneer masala! The fact that they actually took the time to give the rice half of the dish a nice spiced touch and mix it with spinach really ups the value of the meal for me!

              I always mix in a dollops Greek yogurt to stretch the sauce!

          2. Black bean and corn enchiladas
            Beef mini tacos
            Indian meals - lamb vindaloo, paneer tikka masala, etc
            Frozen garlic naan
            Mushroom turnovers
            Chocolate croissants

            1. Alsatian tart
              Stuffed mushrooms
              Mushroom turnovers
              Kale & spinach bites
              Lemon Bars

              1. I am not a big TJ or WF fan.

                That said, I love Trader Joe's imported, authentic, Tandoori Naan bread. Ingredients are recognizable, unlike the Stonefire brand of naan bread I used to buy in the local supermarket.

                1. We like the staples: white corn, petite peas, cooked rice (brown and jasmine), blueberry waffles, fire roasted red peppers; bell pepper medley; most of the fruit combos and the all time favorite is the mac and cheese- not the less guilt but the Joe's Diner. Gyoza Potstickers are another favorite. I would work my way through the pizza and dessert sections. It should take a little while but is worth the effort!

                  1. My staples: turkey burgers; "handsome cut" fries; chicken tikka masala and naan; gyoza and wontons of all varieties, but especially chicken cilantro wontons; fish sticks; chickenless tenders; tom yam soup; pie dough.

                    1. buy some nice "health foods" (not) the frozen cakes -think chocolate are very good, the croissants that you bake and have to plan ahead are good. also the boxed pizzas 3 or 4 cheese, also the everything pizza- can't remember the name but pepperoni/peppers etc. good for an emergency or even just a lazy meal

                      1. The full-guilt mac&cheese is terrific

                        1. If they have the frozen wild blueberries, you might want to give them a try. They are great to add to oatmeal.

                          1. Croissants and flatbreads

                            1. Love:
                              Often eat guiltless Mac and cheese at work.
                              Croissants- I like all flavors, but like to do a few of each when we bake them on Sundays.
                              Turkey burgers
                              Mahi-Mahi burgers
                              Kobe style burgers
                              Salmon burgers...
                              all of them except for chicken lime and even those are fine with guac, but I find them dry by themselves.

                              I eat lots of meals alone and have high protein needs so these are very convenient for me to just heat up because I hate using the microwave.

                              1. The wild blueberries
                                Roasted Corn
                                Vegetables Brittany (green and wax beans) love it!
                                mini chicken tacos

                                1. Other things that I don't think have been mentioned already:
                                  Indian veggie masala burgers (I may have gotten the name wrong). Don't eat them as a burger, though. Use them as a side dish for the frozen Indian meals.
                                  Belgian waffles and low fat french toast.
                                  Japanese fried rice.
                                  Turkey bolognese sauce (yes, it's frozen pasta sauce)

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                                    Those veggie masala burgers are amazing! I stuff them into wraps or eat on salads...

                                  2. Cherry berry mixed frozen fruit. An amazing proportion of cherries along with blueberries, raspberries, and black raspberries. Amazing with yogurt for breakfast.

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                                        Oh yeah! I love to cook a few of those up on spaghetti night.

                                      2. I can't believe no one mentioned the sweet potato fries! Really great.
                                        Wild blueberries and mango are a great deal.
                                        The meatless balls are really good, with sauce and pasta you would never know the difference.
                                        The mini "dutch" pancakes- but reheat in oven for crispy outside, gets rubbery in a microwave

                                        Serious clunkers/avoid: dr praegers veggie patties- total moosh texture, bland. And the falafel was really dry, crumbly and terrible.

                                        1. I waited for the looky-loos to clear out before I made my first visit so I'm a little late to the party. Here are some random observations:

                                          I was very impressed with the prices which were 25% less than supermarket prices for many items I purchase regularly.

                                          Service was exceptional both times I've visited the store. All the checkout lanes were staffed and I didn't even have to unload my cart.

                                          I picked up two vacuum-sealed tri-tip roasts, something I have never seen in a Louisiana grocery store.

                                          Frozen food selections are very good. The house brand pearl onions are great for stews of all types. The frozen asparagus was actually better than fresh (texture and taste) and the spears were individually frozen so you can remove just enough for one or two servings.

                                          While 2-buck Chuck is a thing of the past, TJs does have cases of very serviceable Charles Shaw wines for $36. I guess they could be called 3-buck Chuck.

                                          All in all, a very welcome addition to Baton Rouge.