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Oct 26, 2013 09:26 AM

Favorite Quinoa dishes?

Or flavor combos? I'm kind of stuck on the pilaf with tomato hearts 'n' chicken stock. It's delicious but have plenty left over and bored with the one recipe. Any other cooks out there?

(Even restaurant dishes that were good would be welcomed )

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  1. I love quinoa, andmmany days just cook it like rice and toss on some veggies and tofu. I like it with cheese and a good marinara or pasta sauce over it too. There is a cafe nearby that makes a quinoa omelet where he stuffs and omelete with quinoa and sauteed veggies, and he will also turn it into a scramble.

    But one of my favorite ways is in a salad. Quinoa, scalions, chopped sweet bell peppers, carrots, celery, tomatoesmif I have them, anything crunchy, really. Jicama is goo, chopped kohlrabi...then i dump in some dried cranberries and toastee slivered almonds. Sometimes i add lemon juice and a little mild oil but you can use a bottled dressing or none at all. And I adore it with a crumble of feta. Yummy!

    1. I make a lllloooootttt of quinoa! A few favorites include these from bittman- his breakfast quinoa is a regular for me:
      The quinoa tabbouleh is great too
      Haven't tried this one yet but looks amazing:
      I often add quinoa to soups- last week i tossed a handful in my carrot/sweet potato and chickpea soup.
      I change the liquid i use when cooking it, my favorite has been canned coconut milk (one can, rest of the liquid as veg stock), sometimes tomato juice or v8, or just veg stock if that's what i have.
      I use a quinoa stuffing for peppers/acorn squash/whatever that is a simple mix of sauteed mushrooms and onions with thyme and garlic, the cooked quinoa (in veg stock), sliced almonds, golden raisins, and a drizzle of good olive oil all mixed together. Leftover stuffing mix i have used for tacos, or ontop of salad for lunch.
      ! How could i forget??
      Best recipe ever. Ever. I make it all the time- just use the same proportions and swap in the nuts/dried fruit that you like, also i skip the buckwheat and add an extra 1/2c quinoa and extra 1/2c oats

      But the coconut oil is a must, it *makes* the recipe and the quinoa is like fluffy crispy bits

      1. I really like Corned Beef Hash w/poached eggs, now that I am eating less meat, I sautee cooked quinoa with minced shallot or onion and any other seasoning you like, and serve it with the poached eggs. For some reason it satisfies my corned beef hash cravings, and now I look forward to having the new dish!!

          1. My favorite - quinoa stuffed squash- quinoa, Italian sausage, onion, seasoning, other veggies as desired - Monterey Jack cheese- awesome!