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Oct 26, 2013 09:15 AM

Restaurants Serving Grass Fed Beef in the Triangle

I had a family member ask what Triangle restaurants had grass fed beef on their menus. Grass fed beef is a good choice for flavor and has a less of an impact on the environment than beef fed corn in a confinement feed lot. I couldn't find a restaurant in Chapel Hill that listed grass fed beef but I only looked at One and Lantern. What says the collective?

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  1. I could have sworn that Lantern had it, but I trust that you found the correct information. I just looked up Il Palio, but they don't say on the menu that the beef is grass fed (you might think about asking though). Nana's also doesn't mention that the beef is grass fed. Neither does Bin 54. You'd think people would put that sort of information on their menus, so my guess is that these places don't have it, but I'd love to be proven wrong.

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      The beef at Lantern and One may be grass fed, but their menus don't call out the fact. We asked at Venable tonight and their beef, while tasty, is not grass fed either.

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        Totally agree that menus should mention something like this, so it is unlikely that any of the places we looked up have grass fed or they'd wisely make a big deal of it. Hope you find some, and if so, please let us know.

    2. Here are a couple in Durham that I found:

      "grass-fed Painted Hills’ coulotte"

      Bull City Burger & Brewery
      "Freshly Ground 100% Pasture Raised NC Beef"

      1. Kimbap, the Korean place in Seaboard Station in Raleigh does.

        I want to say there are quite a few places but for some reason the names are slipping my mind, and unfortunately I know we just lost one recently - Zely and Ritz.

        Elevation Burger in Brier Creek in Raleigh is a chain that touts their grass-fed beef however I have not yet tried it to know if it's any good.

        Tribeca Tavern / Rocky Top Hospitality Group sells NC pastured beef however I would not guarantee that it's strictly grass-fed.

        I have a feeling I'll think of more randomly over the next few days and I'll try to update this post.

        1. We went to Il Palio this evening and asked about the beef. They sent the sous chef out to talk to us. He told us that they had tried serving grass-fed beef and that overall the reaction was negative. Apparently most of their customers found the meat to be gamey, so they took it off the menu. He also had some interesting things to say about whether grass fed was the most environmentally sound way to go or not - basically it could go either way, in his and apparently others' opinion. I'm just reporting - I don't have feelings on this one way or the other (since I very rarely eat beef). My husband got their certified angus beef and was really pleased with it. Hope this makes sense - had a few glasses of wine before typing.